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    [Thank You Barunson E&A Oscar 4-Winning Event] Congratulations Lucky Winners! (CLOSED)

    Anyone got the gems? Its been 2 weeks since the winners announcement and no gems.
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    [CLOSED] [POLL] Avalon Changes

    Some people cant understand that to be in lower gear than others is not others fault! Just don't enter Avalon or just don't play mmorpg games! Better go play tetris! End of story!
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    Just Delete the 'pvp' sub-forum. No need to exist anymore ;)

    Just Delete the 'pvp' sub-forum. No need to exist anymore ;)
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    Scheduled Maintenance [1/30 | Complete]

    Patch was only for new-steam users. They made the game 100% solo with guilds only matter for chating! First mmo in history that turned a pvp area(the only pvp area) to a pve area and made the game pve only! The devs earned a place at the Guinness book!
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    Scheduled Maintenance [1/14]

    "A Giant Spider Boss designed for a 12 person party has been added, allowing players to acquire a Legendary Treasure in exchange for helping Pimpi"....its a heroic, not worth,only deck effect treasure--->pimpis devoted leaf. Or im I wrong?
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    Astellia Korean Service Shutdown

    I don't think that the point is every player from Korean to join NA/EU servers. Just the players that dont mind to start from the beginning in a new server(for them).
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    Unscheduled Server Maintenance - 11/12 - Completed

    Make ah merged on both eu servers or let us( canceria) a char transfer.
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    Prophecy Engraness/ Ripped Prophecy

    Anyone having that quest on Canceria server? If yes send me mail or friend req ( Athanatos my char name). (the guardians at Freleaf and Rag rock are easy to solo....but at Astara no! :) )
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    Scheduled Maintenance [11/7] - Completed

    Merge the 2 eu servers now!
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    New Server Opening [EU]

    People on the canceria server are like playing a diferent -single player-no auction house game! Merge now!
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    Last follower (blue quest)

    found it
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    Last follower (blue quest)

    Hello I done that blue quest(Last Follower) at about level 38 and now I should "Return to Witch Pray". there is no spot on the map and I have no idea where that is :( ( if someone can help me :) )