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    Scheduled Maintenance [1/30 | Complete]

    Seriously though, the pvp area is the one place in the game you have to keep your head on a swivel. I've gone into Avalon solo enough and had people just wipe the floor with me, as well as someone who thought they would and I pk'd them. Guess what, every time even when I was pk'd I could feel...
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    Scheduled Maintenance [1/30 | Complete]

    The only place in the game that there's pvp, you mess it up... WTF, get a clue. The whole rest of the game is pve, with Avalon being the only place for pvp and you put in an on/off switch. I say this last part as a form of constructive criticism of this next patch: When that stupid train just...
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    Here Comes Braga Claus! [Updated | 1/6]

    Decorate a Christmas tree that I have yet to find in the event zone or Meiville either, and I haven't explored all of Astellia since event launch . Collect bells for Santa Braga's, but doesn't say how many for the quest. Some things are vague.
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    Masterthread for your Feedback [Headstart/Launch]
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    Asper sellers getting smart.

    Received this mail today from a asper seller.
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    Star's Tale - Guide List

    98.3% complete Ragferant, can't get Trackers drop due to being too high level for item to drop and can't trade it or put in account storage :(
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    Make this game F2P or this will close like Bless Online

    I say no to F2P, I started playing AION right after it turned F2P and it was fun for about a year before it became a pain in the rear with all the bots and trolls.
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    After CBT1 how many of you would play if the game is released tomorrow as it is ?

    I would. Yes, there are improvements needed. I've played games that have needed improvements plenty of times already, so that's not an issue.