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    Only 1 gather skill per character

    I really wish that you were able to choose more then one type of gathering skill. I am really enjoying exploring the map and with there being so many types of crafting having at least one more gathering per character would be nice. Even if you had to pay for each additional gathering skill with...
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    Stars Tale Guide

    Thank you for compiling this list! I am having issues where I am unable to interact with many of the hidden chests, and things are not updating on my Star's Tale, despite the fact that I have completed them. I submitted bug reports. Have you heard of this happening to others?
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    Senpai ~NA~

    Y'all sound like a fun group. I would love to join if there is still room.
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    I relogged, biggest mistake of my Life...

    Well, I was never able to get in. I am a little disappointed but finally decided, I'll go catch up on some tv shows and hopefully try again tomorrow.