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    is this game dead??

    I feel that in my bones. Yes its dead. One can only farm so many solo legs after all your friends and guildmates have left before you cap out your gear and there's literally nothing left to do. Still love the game to death but it was dead the moment it got sold.
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    Dungeons and healing

    the legendary dungeons are much harder, additionally you'll find that the tanks tend to pull half of the dungeon at once. You'll find that parties in the t1 legs will range from barely needing heals to being very intensive, it all comes down to the skill and style of the tank involved. T2s get...
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    [6/11] Scheduled Maintenance & Patch Notes (Completed)

    Did you guys read the bloody patch notes? They only implemented half of the replacement for the daily/weekly quests due to bugs with the new bosses. Ofc you're only getting half the rewards, half of the replacement content is being fixed and had to be delayed. I get being frustrated with the...
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    New Astel - Virgo | The Rant

    I agree with her functionality being poor, they need to give her the same taunt as Servant Virgo (who holds aoe aggro just fine) or half the CD and double or more the efffectiveness. As it is now she can't hold aggro over me healing her while killing a boss.