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    Startales Map 0.1

    In Northern Lentuth, you have two triangles showing Goldlion Shaman Bracelet, the more northern (near the imam fang) one should be "Gauntlets of Broken fighters" so a triangle w/green, not blue.
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    January Content Preview!

    I love the "angel" costume, but why on earth did you make 2 white ones, and not a red one??? I would love a red version....
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    How to Cheating AFK Farming at Astellia Online

    I keep wondering why, if you "don't play the game", you would bother posting in a forum of that game??? Oh that's why...I don't think this conversation belongs here.
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    How to Cheating AFK Farming at Astellia Online

    You do realize those are two of the largest, most active guilds? Perhaps that’s why you actually see them in game.....
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    January Content Preview!

    They actually look really good. The events sound like a lot of fun. I'll be interested to see who gets the angelic costume, an Angelic Virgo would definitely be in my deck....
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    Archers versus Mages

    To get deck effects to work, you must work on your Astels, which means improving your astels must be as important (maybe even more important) than pursuing better gear. People, jump right into legendary dungeons. I try to balance this with improving individual astels by running the normal...
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    Archers versus Mages

    First off I would list skill points for an archer in this order: AGI=DEX>STR>CON You really don't want just hits, but critical hits, I always consider the Assassin to be more DPS based, and Archers to be about spike damage. Obviously Falcon Arrow works better if cast after Rising Moon, and...
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    Archer Stats

    Interesting you went with Capricorn over Leo. Archer also has a stun, though I'll have to give Pisces another look. Your stats in Avalon speak for themselves. Nice selection of t2 gear, I suspect mostly AGI and DEX focused. I'm still working on mine. Nice and thanks for the pic on your...
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    Archer Stats

    Excellent guide, Some quick questions: 1) Do you go for reduce C/D or longer duration or status accuracy on your stuns? 2) Link, Canceria, Cygnus, Tetrino, Aida and Pisces - any other Astels you favor? For example, Leo seems to hit his knockdowns often for me. Do you use separate Astels for...
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    Change actions skills from number keys to clicking on skill icon?

    But you should be able to change your mouse software to switch the buttons, just set up profile for this game.
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    Item Fusion is amazing!

    So some quick questions: Where do the sealed items drop? Legendary dungeons only? Can you fuse two different level items? i.e. legendary and heroic?
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    Everyone HATES Astel Cards in cash shop. Are alternatives needed?

    While I wouldn't care if they were added to the cash shop one way or the other, having more ways to obtain cards and/or star caller coins in-game would be greatly appreciated.
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    Looking for guild - Masterthread

    EST player, main is an archer. On most evenings (early) and weekends. PvP is fine, but mostly PvE focused. Casual player, RL must come first. Looking for an active guild. PM me here or on the astellia discord.
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    Some constructive suggestions to fix RNG issues

    Very good ideas, especially the player interaction in choosing Astel cards. Wish trainer's boxes worked the same way (box opens and you pick one of 3 Astels.
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    Question on changing classes (the level 50 specializations)

    Thanks for the clarification.