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    Bounty Hunter or Ranger?

    This is interesting. In NA server, most PvP archers are Rangers because you can get the highest evasion and status acc evasion. It's like Phantom in Archers class.
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    is this game dead??

    I ageee they must think about these. The easiest will be rasing the level cap and unlocking astels to 10 stars. I think the game is still enjoyable in NA server. There are still players looking for ppl to run dungeons with. There are still wars and drama in Avalon everyday, which is the best...
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    is this game dead??

    You can use those non-leg gears in the collection system.
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    Bounty Hunter or Ranger?

    i thought ranger is for pvp because of high evasion and hawkeye is for pve becasue of high power?
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    [12/29]정기점검 & 패치노트 (12/24 수정)

    이번업데이트에 대한 피드백입니다. 1. 아스텔덱 버프 UI와 일일 접속 이벤트에 감사드립니다. 2. 탈것제작 - 천마의 굽쇠가 오로지 캐쉬로만 구입할수 있게 되었네요. 캐릭터 성능에 영향을 주는 아이템을 제작하는데 필요한 재료를 오로지 캐쉬샵을 통해서 얻을수 있게 한것은 아스텔리아 게임 런칭 이후 처음이네요. 대단히 실망입니다. 최소한 가격을 좀 비싸게 해서라도 첸더샾이나 기타 토큰을 통해서도 얻을수 있게 해놓았더라면 P2W은 그래도 아직 아니다 라고 얘기할수 있엇을 텐데 이젠 아닌듯 하네요. 거기다 제작의 뽑기운에...
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    Is there going to be?

    They should give out compensation. The game was down for more than 6 hours.
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    [12/29] Maintenance Notice & Patch Notes

    I would like to know if they re-balance classes based on certain tests or something else. Just talking about PvP (PvE's are easy for all classes), I think Crusaiders are already strong enough. I would understand if Berserker and Gladiators are buffed. Assasin is nerfed. Veiled strike not only...
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    [12/29] Maintenance Notice & Patch Notes

    Avalon in NA is still fun :D
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    November Update Preview (11/24 UPDATED)

    I wodn't dismantle any skins from cash shop. I am also not sure I will spend zenders to buy skins to dismantle. This new skin content sounds like only for limited ppls who can throw some cash maybe I believe new skins with BIS stats will add like 5% ish additional power or something, which...
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    11월 업데이트 미리보기(11/24. 점검일정 변경)

    기대되는 업데이트입니다! 그런데 MC 스킨이 무었인가요?
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    How to make grinding fun...

    I first hated hondu quest when I was doing it alone, but it's better now because everyone is doing together. It reminds me of the old HG daily quests which I liked. But it is still not like super fun. It is still kinda tedious to kill same mobs even for 15-20 min each day. I've always wonder...
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    New hondugawa daily is tedious

    2-3 people can finish 60 mobs within 20 min. It's not bad but still it's boring. I keep thinking about how to make grinidng more fun. Or there should be less grinding. I guess we've been tired of grinding in this game?
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    New hondugawa daily is tedious

    This. and the whole process of killing mobs is way too boring. I mean really really boring.
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    ?2020년 할로윈 이벤트?(11/12 수정)

    스크린샷 링크 : 캐릭터명 : Popcorn 서버명 : NA-Aida 1등 했을시 받고싶은 아이템 이름 하나 : 카르자의 속임수(90일) 2~5등 했을시 받고 싶은 아이템 이름 하나 : 챈더 서비스(30일)
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    Astellia Update Preview (Pisces ver.)

    pls change to "The Honduwaga expedition that was supposed to happen last month got delayed" or "The Honduwaga expedition that was supposed to happen 10/27 got delayed"