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    Legendary Dungeons Stage 1 [Consolidated Feedback] [Updated 10/21]

    The biggest problem about the Legendary Dungeons and their drops is the progression curve. If I play a MMO I want my time spent to feel rewarding, but right now it feels like I m wasting it for nothing. Item Progression is gated behind a insane amount of Asper needed to upgrade "non existing"...
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    Treasure Item List - Need HELP ! updated!

    Hey guys, it seems like every Treasure has fixed stats. Id like to make a list , so everyone knows what he/she gets before wasting currency. If u have bought ,crafted or dropped any Treasures yet feel free to post stats or a screenshot in here. we'll put em together in this post. Alot of ppl...
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    Star's Tale - Guide List

    I just wanted to mention this site : U can search nearly every Item u have to collect or every NPC u are lookin for... Just choose the Map ur in , check on either NPC or Object box and type the name of item/NPC in it... u can also use it for hidden boxes
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    Star's Tale - Guide List

    randelio northeast windhill
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    Star's Tale - Guide List found that one.. dunno if its posted yet