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    Astellia Korean Service Shutdown

    You must offer them some big things to get them in order to get them to come here they will be a few months behind and there is no pay to win to catch up. If you ever want the game to stand a chance on being active on na again this is your only chance and I would take it very seriously. I know...
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    Arrival of Avalon - Launch Event! [Update: 11/19]

    Heres an idea if you are going to make an event and not a regular reward dont make it first place only make participants able to get something or at the very least top 25 or 100 there are over a thousand people in this game and you only give it to one person thats to much to swallow.
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    Communication, Patch Notes, and more... [Update | 10/25]

    So just going to ask the obvious that seems like it might have been over looked What happens when your astel gets enough star experience for the cap level 10 will it stop gaining experience or will it be stored needlessly with still a chance to get something you dont need. @CM Aethon @CM Flora
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    Avalon Early Opening Issue [Updated: 10/18]

    and instead of taking the shorter route they choose to send it out to thousands one by one b/c they cant do a mass send since some people got the rewards. Meanwhile tickets are now going on 3 WEEKS to be answered.
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    Avalon Early Opening Issue [Updated: 10/18]

    So you are taking the time to go through accounts one by one of all the thousands of players and give them rewards. When your ticket que time is going on 3WEEKS why? Stop piling more needless work ahead of them and start answering them.
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    New Legend dungeons: Problems with them.

    Theres not bosses to do that in those dungeons though. They would have to redesign them. It is much simpler to release another legend dungeon or add all three to everyone.
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    New Legend dungeons: Problems with them.

    In the new legend dungeons you have two sets of gear like any other. However with only 3 being unlocked this presents a huge problem for certain classes. Take cleric for example here in these two screenshots you can see this gear is only for...
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    Login Issues [Update: 11:19pm PDT | 9/10 | Resolved]

    Are we not able to register names then if the servers aren't up? I dont understand how that would work without us being able to log into the game.
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    Crafting and Gathering.

    You can make an alt to gather if you like it so much. As much as its not liked restricting helps to keep things worth the time to gather.
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    Please no servers if you want your game to live!

    Which is impossible to do. Which is also why games have servers in na and in europe.
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    Crafting and Gathering.

    Its not just legendary gear its other types as well.
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    Astellia Codex - English game database

    How do you intend to imput the changes implemented in this version. For example there are supposed to be changes to the gathering and crafting system. @Kiriak
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    Currency Farming - Star Jewels

    They come from colosseum you dont need repeatables.
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    Game mechanics (Evasion/Accuracy)

    Again an iframe in this case would be too overpowered. You can't have a three second iframe you would never be hit by anything including auto attacks from bosses. Infinite kiting.
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    Game mechanics (Evasion/Accuracy)

    @CM Venecia can you confirm that this is true or not please? Your post above wasnt clear and this means alot to some people.