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    [Weekday Event] Let's Go, Family! (3/10~3/14)

    This is not what you call an event. It's just a buff.
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    January Content Preview!

    Where is the taking care of oimpi giant spider located? Thanks.
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    Christmas Time - Free Weekends & Boosts

    Thanks for the update and bonus weekend.
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    Here Comes Braga Claus! [Updated | 1/6]

    Thanks for the update. It is a little worrying though because your reply sounds like you don't actually know how a quest that you have released is supposed to work. o_O -You are corrrect -25 bells and the tree appears and you get 10 gold stars.
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    Here Comes Braga Claus! [Updated | 1/6]

    Yeah what are we supposed to do. He says speak to the two npc but I have already done their quests so I have nothing else I can do? But the quest is still showing as not complete.
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    Astellia Korean Service Shutdown

    I think bringing over the Korean players is a great idea. Anything to keep this game going and for the developers to continue with the game development. Let's hope 2020 is a great year for all Astellians!
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    Astellia KR is closing down the 16th january 2020 what will happen to OUR version?

    We really need a reply from the GM. Although they are bound to say all is fine even if it is not ,because if they confirm it's going to close no one is going to spend any money during the last few months.
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    Thanksgiving Events

    I am not talking about the pre order packages. I am talking about what is available now. 🙂
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    Thanksgiving Events

    I started with the base package and upgraded to the middle one and now finally to the deluxe one.
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    Thanksgiving Events

    What I mean is why is there no discount if you upgrade. There should also be a discount on the upgrade price for people who already own the game. Black Friday Game Package Discount! From November 25th at 12:00am PST | 09:00 CET (After Maintenance), through to December 2nd at 12:00am PST | 09:00...
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    Thanksgiving Events

    Bit annoyed. My own fault really. I just upgraded to the deluxe version and there was no discount. It's a shame you only offer the discount to new players and not to people who have played from the start but get no discount for upgrading.
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    Scheduled Maintenance [11/26 | Complete]

    You patch note states November 19? You didn't copy and paste did you?😆
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    Future Contents - Known & New

    Excellent news. Sounds like good times ahead. Let's hope it continues!
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    Scheduled Maintenance [11/7] - Completed

    Many thanks for the new content. A nice surprise.
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    Melancholy of the Northern Knights (Complete)

    Thanks for your guide.