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    Product Vault, Cash Shop, Gems, Zender, & You

    How do I use the inventory upgrade from ore-order? I finalized it but it’s just sitting in my inventory, clicking it does nothing.
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    Launcher Issues and Resolves

    I have had ALL the launcher probs, today it’s the background image failed to load one. I’ve uninstalled at least 20 times now, and keep redownloading in the hopes that they’ve patched it. I have tried all the fixes listed on this forum. My comp has 400gigs available and runs AAA MMOs on max...
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    Login Issues [Update: 11:19pm PDT | 9/10 | Resolved]

    Ridiculous, I have a new, strong computer with 400 gigs free, and damned if I can get this game downloaded. I’ve gotten as far as 64% before it tells me “error, do I want to send file, runfile check”, etc. I’ve tried every fix listed in the forums to no avail, and it’s so freaking slow that...