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    [Guide] Cult Plans

    Hello, First scroll is at waterfall near Randeilo portal: Second is near lake at demons:
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    [Guide] Handemar's Journey

    Hello, First page near broken house starting area: Second page in forest near house: White Chest at little brdige at wood cutters: 2. White Chest near portal to cult cave...
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    [Guide] Sion's Follower

    Hello First page: Second page: Third page: Last page:
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    [Guide] The Secret of Arau Forest

    Hello Firs Book northern of Full Moon Market Second Book west from first book: Third Book is near small lake: Last Book is near Lanini Falls:
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    [Guide] Wanderer's Diary, Chapter 2

    Updated thank you.
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    [Guide] Wanderer's Diary, Chapter 2

    Here how to get This done: First head towards Lightning Spear Outpost: Second, head to Lanini Falls for last page:
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    [Guide] Inspector's Report

    Here the Guide. First accept quest at Varto: Kill some Blood Fist Orc to get letter then read it: The Front Half of the Counterintelligence Report is near Cromson Rock valley: After thst just...
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    [Guide] Wanderer's Diary, Chapter 1

    Hello, here how to complete Wanderer's Diary, Chapter 1. First interact here: Then the page on the ground:
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    [Guide] Kiyo's Rules

    Hello, here how to get Kiyo's Rules done. First: Second:
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    [Guide] Traces of the Star Caller

    Picture will be available in 24h.
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    [Guide] Traces of the Star Caller

    Hello, here the guide to complete Traces of the Star Caller. Please interact in correct order. First Board at Meiville habor: Second at road to Meiville town: Third atmain gate of Meiville town...