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    Going over 1K in a stack.

    I had been doing my gathering for relics and had over 900 sandstone. I kept gathering every time I saw some pottery. I looked again later on and only had 204 sandstone. Going to bug report this, but people need to be careful and put stacks in the bank to keep this from happening.
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    Stars Tale Guide

    I have found that for the different story items like Handermar's Journey, you not only have to click them in order, but you can't log out or you have to start over.
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    Skill enhancements?

    I am wondering for those with more experience with the mage what skills I should look at enhancing? Right now I have only put 1 point in Flame Burst since I was required to by the quests that explained skill enhancement. It looks like there is no cost to respec your skills? Thanks
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    [Guide] Handemar's Journey

    I can't interact with either white chest.
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    Black screen in-game

    It has happened to me twice now on two different characters and only in the starting mission area usually when I first talk to Fey.
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    WIL versus INT for a Healer

    Good luck finding a game without RNG.
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    Do something about the Gold Sellers spamming the world chat...

    I was thinking something like 30 or more people. Not sure the trolls would decide to block the same person without coordinating it in chat. Even so, someone would still need to look at the chat logs of that person before any action was taken.
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    Do something about the Gold Sellers spamming the world chat...

    They should just make it where if someone gets blocked by X number of people it flags there account for review of chat logs.
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    Black screen in-game

    I made the game reverify all the files and it fixed it for me.
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    Login Issues [Update: 11:19pm PDT | 9/10 | Resolved]

    I can't even register an account. I get error 500 every time I try. Trying to sign up with Google tells me my email is already registered, but when I try to sign in with Google it tells me there is no email registered.
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    Account verification problems

    I have the same problem, except I have always gotten the 500 error code, so I didn't expect to get an email since it has never completed. I also tried to register using my Google account, but it told me that email already existed. I then tried to log in with Google and it told me the email...
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    I have been trying since this morning. I even tried with IE instead of Firefox.
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    I can't even create an account. I get error 500. Do I have to buy the game or get the subscription to create an account?