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    suggestion for the server

    yes, your suggestions are great too
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    suggestion for the server

    hello, the game has been having a very small number of players, one way for you to reverse this is a big investment in advertising, as there is almost no, and another is decreasing the value of packages and giving more payment options and also creating a battleground system where 10 vs 10 kill...
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    Unscheduled Maintenance [Oct. 18th | Completed]

    I don't know if it's the right place for this post, but one thing that was going to be really good in astellia is a telepot between rag rock, greleaf, and astara, and a way to combine the atra crystals, as they are accumulating a lot of common crystals, I thank the attention.
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    End of Headstart, CBT Highlights and Spooktacular Seasonal Events

    quando eles vão remover os bots?
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    basic mechanics

    because it's so slow, it looks like a slug
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    basic mechanics

    hello I would like to ask for something, for goodness sake, increase the basic attack speed of the classes especially the attack speed on the archer, please listen to my request.
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    Guild Templarios Recrutamento

    TEMPLARIOS Somos uma guilda com um grupo de pessoas experiente em Astellia desde o seu início no servidor coreano, todos os membros da staff são jogadores experientes a anos em MMORPGs. O objetivo da guilda é conquistar o mundo, tendo um clima agradável e saudável para todos os players, sem...
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    Glow effects on enchanted weapons

    Hello everyone, I do not know if this already exists in the game, but I'd like to suggest the implementation of glow effects on enchanted weapons. Example: enchanted weapon +10 will have the black glow, enchanted weapon +7 will have the green glow. + 3 / + 4 brightness white, + 5 brightness...
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    Class progression weapons

    hello everyone, I would suggest a change of weapons when progressing from class, for example: berserker use a giant axe, gladiator use dual axes. the oracle use small wand and shield. that's what I had to suggest, since I thank you for your attention.