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    Where to find meat for cooking?

    If you need just lvl up then make soy sauce, butter (everything you can buy from merchant) like said Kuronee. Meat drops from monsters but around yours lvl ( about max 10lvl lower than you). Some list
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    Gathering Cooking Items?

    Check this
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    Cooking Guide and Where to Find Meat

    Dried snail drops from longarm wuguri ( rock wind farm - gladeth plain - lentuth) Big/yellow/baby brak quao locations Northeast Wind Hill - Randeilo baby are near viewpoint
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    Dungeons and healing

    At this point (31 lvl) all dungeon was cleared on max 3 ppl party or 2-3lvl later solo (party mode). Main priority for me was WIL (full heal) and I don't have any problem with def/hp (dmg when I questing is quite good). Legendarny dungeons are much harder? Is there any reason to go full heal or...
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    Scholar buff

    I got the answer. For moderators: you can close the thread
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    Cooking Guide and Where to Find Meat

    Baby quao drop too chicken but with lower chance, yellow quao too. Drop rate willa be something like this: Big>baby>yellow
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    Crit affect healing?

    Questions in topić. I don't wanna waste my time/currency going wrong Path. Thanks for aby info/advice
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    Classes Stats and what you need to raise

    When you mouse over atributes it's give you some basic info. I.e. KNW give magic crit. As a Scholar i can say that Wil is important. It's give's you spell power (healing) and mana. I don't how works crit. In others games critical healing was very usufull but in astellia there are no % info...
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    Scholar buff

    On high lvl they are some changes on casting buff or always single target? Its nothing big but casting for each player on party and astels its very annoying.