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    erste eindrücke

    Da du noch relativ neu bist würde ich suggerieren neuen character auf aquarius zu machen. Canceria ist leerer server.
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    If it is 3h PVE and 1h PVP it is indeed not right. Was earlier there a little during Wartime, saw it change to Peace was 1h on during that and then logged off. Should be 50/50 with 3h each or maybe 2/2 as 3h is quite a long time. Basically balanced and no Crowd prefered.
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    It is 3 Hours PVP Time aka Wartime and 3 Hours PVE Time then again wartime,peacetime etc rotating. So just plan accordingly around the times. Wanna PVP play during Wartime, wanna do your Dailies/Weeklies do it during Wartime with the Thrill of getting gangbanged or during Peace Time with no...
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    Scheduled Maintenance [1/30 | Complete]

    Nice to see in the Patchnotes that some Feedback got considered and done like Solo Legendaries e.g. Shows they do not completely ignore what is being said although it does feel like that sometimes. So there's hope that Ticketsystem e.g. gets adjusted in Future too as the System is...
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    January Content Preview!

    As per usual missing stuff in patchnotes. We now have a Super Shiny Subclassicon for everyone which by color shows you if someone is 5/10 or 15 Star which is a good thing in itself to be able to see that but the shiny animation itself is way to big and in a full party it is eye cancer imo. They...
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    January Content Preview!

    Nah Devs don't care about making Stuff Playerfriendly, so Stuff like breakable Treasures, Gearenhancements getting deleveled by 2 or 3 enhancements at T2 and anything similiar antiplayer will always stay that way as they give zero F's to fix broken things. So far each update was making stuff...
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    ~Avalon~ Atra-Steine

    @Ciara San @Zwiebel Bin auch im 1 Star Braga Club ;) 136 Sterne total. Halbes jahr täglich zocken, ersten 2 Monate sogar 2 mal täglich alle Tickets genutzt und dann einmal täglich, Wochenlang Sansara Fortress gespammt ; weil er im Astel Lootpool angezeigt wurde (nicht...
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    PvE ruins Avalon (and how to fix it)

    If the Treasure would be unbreakable and there would be a PVE equivalent way to easy get 200+ Zender a Week; all the Pure PVE Players wouldn't even be in there as those hate PVP with a Passion in the first place and let's be honest without the incentives to get PVE Players in there, there would...
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    How to solve RNG issue?

    A lot of the P2W Leftovers like the ones you mentioned and other Issues can be adjusted by a single Programmer within Minutes as it is just adjusting Numbers really. They just purposely choose not to do it. Cutting their own flesh that way so meh if they like hurting themselves be my guest. Just...
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    dead game ?

    Wouldn't call it a dead game more a dying game. But dying games can be revived by doing the right things the right way which the devs just don't wanna do at all though so far as they consistently with each update focus on wrong things and being antiplayer. The Xmas Event was the first...
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    Klassen Entwicklung

    Klasse A gibt Stats X/Y was 5 Stern ist und Erwachten Skill A, und Skills X und Y, wenn du jetzt zu Klasse B wechselst wirste 0 Stern sein ausser wenn du schon ordentlich exp gesammelt hast und der Erwachten Skill A Bleiblt und du hast auch den Erwachten Skill B von Klasse B wenn 5 Stern,aber...
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    Astellia Free Trial!

    There is Forumposts in the german/english section about the trial and always have been.
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    Hier kommt Weihnachtsmann Braga!

    Nope Quest geht nicht. Selbes Problem, ist einfach nur buggt. Aber hey wenigstens ist Guardian Cardpack confirmed; ist also ingame und vielliecht in der Zukunft auch im Cardpackshop für Star Caller Coins is also immerhin etwas :P
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    Here Comes Braga Claus! [Updated | 1/6]

    True that. And that is one of the Issues that makes this feel less like an Massive Multiplayer Online Game than other MMOs. The Clique Feeling of the Game. There should be initiatives to queue with Randoms like every MMO ever does. In form of in this one e.g. More Asper/EXP/Astelpoints/Zender...
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    Everyone HATES Astel Cards in cash shop. Are alternatives needed?

    This for sure will have to be gotten eventually and done in other areas too. Not yet but in like a Year's time for sure. Imagine a new Player joining in 2 Years (If this is still online in 2 Years that is) when everyone has multiple 7++ Stars and they are little Babbys with 2 Stars some 3 Stars...