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    Someone explain this please

    what buff u guys talking about ? from 1st left = Norden's favor (cash shop), 2nd = Niar's Passing (cash shop), 3rd = Daily Zender, 4th = Daily Login, 5 and 6 event from astellia. and what the hell with all your negativity in this forum ? why u guys hate the game so much but still playing ...
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    Better stats for bounty hunter ?

    no it is still bounty hunter gear.. cant find good armor for fusion lol.. but the rotation skill i think better with bounty hunter.. because the triple arrow skill is so good with awakened strong bow.. but for per skill damage, yeah.. hawkeye is so good....
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    Better stats for bounty hunter ?

    thanks all for your kind advice.. i try change to hawkeye.. and here is the stat i got with food and buff.. maybe can push a bit more after changing to hawkeye gear :unsure: that physical attack actually only from bounty hunter stat >.<.. i did not use physical attack rune or anything, as u...
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    Better stats for bounty hunter ?

    the damage is actually not much different if i change to hawkeye.. because of that physical attack.. and triple arrow give my archer good rotation skill.. back to main question.. what decent critical accuracy ? 1100 ? 1200 ? or 1000 is enough? >.<
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    Better stats for bounty hunter ?

    ty for answering.. why not bounty hunter ? for physical accuracy i got 1065 accuracy with buff.. kinda too much because i didnt do avalon / pvp.. this char only for dg purposes.. im just kinda confused how much physical critical accuracy needed..
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    Better stats for bounty hunter ?

    Hello.. want to ask.. what is a good number for physical critical accuracy for bounty hunter? archer is not my main, so im a bit confused.. is it better 1.100 physical critical accuracy with 1000 physical critical attack ? or better 1.100 physical critical attack with 1000 physical critical...
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    [Date Changed] Update Preview[6/9 -> 6/11] (Pisces Ver.)

    man, lets take a few moment to appreciate the works.. its no use always blaming and complaining.. all that matters is we love the game, and devs seems to give it a bit more love lately. remember when there is no update / patch a few months ago ? when every weeks just scheduled maintenance, no...
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    Someone explain this please

    just make enhancement stones shared between character from same account.. the rate for enhancing t2 right now is messed up.. this is what i get from enhancing t2 armor from +5.. using 1.2M enhancement stones and 4M asper, the final result is only +6
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    [5/23] Package, Bena Cash Purchase Issue (5/27: FIXED)

    about the credited amount, we need to submit a ticket or not?
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    April 28th Emergency Maintenance (Completed)

    drop rate issues i guess, running library.. 8 ticket with buff (Total 12) Only got 12 Heroic ACC, 10 or so rare runes and 40-50 star jewel No Armor Heroic, No Weapon, and no astel.
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    Scheduled Maintenance & Patch Note 4/28 (Maintenance Completed)

    decent patch finally... next if possible make enhancement stones can be shared between characters on 1 id please :c so we can be a bit motivated to play our alts..