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    Support Reagiert nicht!

    Capricorn gibt es mittlerweile auch nicht mehr. Du musst wohl hoffe, dass es überhaupt noch GMs gibt 😐
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    Croquis de vacances

    Je pourrais l'appeler pour toi mais je doute qu'elle le fasse. Putain de merde, je ne suis pas elle...
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    Croquis de vacances

    Désolée de vous en parler, mais je pense que vous n'obtiendrez jamais ces récompenses. L'événement a été organisé par les anciens GM et ils sont partis.
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    purchase of Dulexe Plus

    Contact the support at
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    Astellia Update Preview (Pisces ver.)

    It will never come..
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    November Update Preview (11/24 UPDATED)

    100% agree. Why would people even waste energy on it. I would personally be surprised if the game makes it till April.
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    is this game dead??

    Even I had to come to realise that it'd about to be dead.
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    So when will it be f2p?

    Its p2w? Maybe you go do some research what P2W is and then come back to read the ******** you wrote.
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    Astel Locations?

    Quests and cards from dungeons etc
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    Is there going to be?

    but that was your issue then. Cause the game itself was only down for 6h.
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    fix it

    Mimimi. Get a life, you got nothing better to do on christmas holidays??
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    [12/29] Maintenance Notice & Patch Notes

    I am angry but fortunatly I quit playing PvP months ago and just stay afk waiting for content these days. Because Archers are fcked in PvP. GGWP .
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    Healer is massively op in this game. If you are a honorable person, you play Archer or Assassin^^
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    [12/11~1/17] Holiday Sketch Event

    Nobody asks you to participate. Why are you even here, just to spread negativity?
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    Is this game quest based?

    There are quests, but after you are done with it, its a lot of grinding without quests :D