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    Ull never get your money back should mean if I play 1 year I can ask it back to cus u are able to ask it back after playing 2 months there was clearly in the rules that u have accepted that u can only refund within 2 weeks after purchase so they can choose to give it back since u have accepted...
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    Region restricted message while within region

    Ye had the same problem but luckely it wasn't in my temp files deleting the VPN program was enough for me if u looking for a guild search for Underdogs there are already a few Dutch ppl in the guild including me hf in game tho! Greets ProTunes.
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    Main quest bugged "Help"

    Hey just see your msg in another thread u don't see npc all the way in the back?
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    Why no Crit Heal?

    Exactly lol
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    Why no Crit Heal?

    My opinion Is the heals skills are great tho don't have to stress all out to keep everyone alive so scholar have a change to do dmg aswell or go full heal I don't think crits are needed and if u lower the heals u will get stressed out cus of the healing u must do to keep everybody alive after u...
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    What are those skins?

    In every game a Archer is wat u called looking slutty but i do agree on some games u got less slutty skins aswell maybe they should add this in the future 😊 Greets ProTunes
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    Stars do not shine by themselves?

    Lol it's a fantasy game they can make it how ever they want the real world rules don't apply on a fantasy game so posting this about stars how it works in the real world is nonsense use your imagination like the developers do have a nice day 🤔 Greets ProTunes.
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    Atlite Ore not lootable?

    Check your Invertory to look if any of the tabs are full and u can check if u could pick it up in Athlon, rag rock, Greleaf or astara gl tho ;)
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    Morgana Vee Fanart (also info on character)

    i cant w8 for the results :giggle:
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    Morgana Vee Fanart (also info on character)

    Looks nice indeed specially all the highlights and shadow 👌🏻
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    Atlite Ore not lootable?

    Nice I'm glad it solved it out adventuly thnx for your feedback hopes this help others to!
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    Constant crashing

    Nope it doesn't it isn't possible to check files when they are used
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    Character expansion

    Ye was wondering the same question quit a while thnx a lot!
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    Neoyoshi's Art Imaginarium

    Oh wow looks rly great u got talent m8 especially your fantasie great job with the tree on his back rly looks like a mob that can be in the game keep up the good work 👍🏻