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    [Maintenance] Web Page Maintenance on 4/21

    Disregard. Just saw the cryptic post in News and announcements. Wow. B&N is the game developer. They self published in the western market. I don't read every bit of forum communication. @OKIMG: Where can I find info on a new publisher?
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    [completed]Scheduled Maintenance [3/24]

    Was it an event? All I know is that the quests were available when I arrived in the village. Do you have a post to support the quests being part of an event? I did not see where the removal was documented. Not arguing. Just asking... :)
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    [completed]Scheduled Maintenance [3/24]

    Are you going to restore the daily quests on the NPCs Sierra (Grayleaf) and Valant (Colleseum), or are they just going to remain useless NPCs in Almantin Village ?? Currently they have no purpose since you removed their daily quests. They just stand there and look pretty since you removed their...
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    Scheduled Maintenance [2/11]

    Roadmaps are just tentative plans and always subject to change, which I why I posted and asked. It would be nice to get an actual reply I was thinking something smaller than Christmas. More like a simple daily quest that gives you some chocolates as a buff, Guardian / Savior card and a...
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    Scheduled Maintenance [2/11]

    No Valentine's event? Next week's maintenance then?
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    Change actions skills from number keys to clicking on skill icon?

    Under Settings>Accessibility>Mouse there are some settings that might help. You can change the mouse button for Select, action, and Select+Action. ed: And it does not seem to change anything related to this problem.
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    [Guide] Inspector's Report

    The turn in does not show up on your map. It is off to the left from the entrance to Arau Forest, as you are heading to the entrance. He is over by some tents.