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    Being A Dork in Astellia For 28 Mins Straight +!!!

    Great video. Love to see people having fun in the game at their own pace without worrying about rushing to max or all that nonsense. 😃
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    Avenger "Fan of Knives" not working

    Unfortunately you were lied to. You cant pull anything, not even a little bit. Take it from the Avengers here all saying it XD
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    Avenger "Fan of Knives" not working

    Got the skill and can confirm, it not only doesn't pull the target, but it's also an AoE -- which is good, but isn't listed. Was really looking forward to laying down a mine-field and pulling people into it. :p Please fix!
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    Class Evolution Switching

    If I unlock a class Evolution to 5 Stars and then switch to a different class is the progress toward the 5 Stars in my original class kept or lost? Do I have to pay XP to switch back to the 5 Star class that I just finished leveling or am I free to switch between all of them as much as I want...
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    Scheduled Maintenance [10/8 | Concluded]

    Very excited for Class Evolutions! I can't wait to turn my Assassin into an Avenger! :D Thank you for the patch notes ahead of time so we know what exciting things to look forward too! Will there be any additional items put into the Cash Shop or Zender Shop yet?
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    About warrior stats

    CON is magic defense. The tooltip doesnt say so, but if you raise your CON your M. Defense improves as well.
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    Headstart Compensation

    Go to the in-game cash shop. Near the Product Vault tab there is a button named Coupons. Click on that and when it loads the headstart coupon will be there. Redeem it and the items will then be in your Product Vault.
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    New Packages

    I really want/need that Fukuro armor set outfit for my Assassin D:
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    Cash Shop Schedule

    Can we please get some information on how the cash shop items are going to work, as in: • How often are items going to be added? • Are items going to be replaced, or will they stay there forever and just build up the total options over time? • If something is going to be limited can we please...
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    Headstart Compensation

    This is awesome, but please let us have the option to upgrade our existing headstart packs to the new packages as well. I NEED that Fukuro armor + weapon skin for my assassin because it is beautiful!
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    New Packages Not Available?

    And now you are starting to see the issue with my post about not being able to upgrade to the new package? This is exactly what I was talking about and yet you made the claim that the Legendary had more value so we shouldn't be able to/shouldn't want to upgrade anyways. You cant upgrade to the...
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    New Packages

    You still arent getting the point. The point is that we had no way of knowing that there would be a package that many of us consider to be better for our needs -- for less cost -- on launch day. If you are so adamant about having people "prove you wrong" then don't bother to respond to me...
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    Will RIng of Exploration be available separately

    Yeah, I am sure you are aware already but you may also have some Scrolls of Exploration to use that work just like the ring for 24 hours. I am hoping that they will 1) make the ring available for Zender soon and 2) make the scrolls of Exploration able to be crafted. I think having them craftable...
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    24 hours to delete a character ??? ...painfull ㅜㅜ

    One of the things that Bless Online actually did RIGHT was the way their character customization coupons worked. When you used one you had 24 hours to change as much as you liked until you either settled on the look or the time ran out. I think this game needs something like that to so we can...
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    New Packages

    The problem is not allowing the people that bought the $100 to upgrade to get the new items. I have said it before and I will say it again, I dont even mind paying $15 more for the remaining items. The issue here is transparency and lack of the ability to even get the items without shelling out...