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    Is Astellia already dying?

    lul offline.. yea most good ppl alrdy left - we are now waiting for eu launch of lost ark for 2020
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    “Das Rennen zur Spitze” [Wettbewerb] (Update: 30.09.2019)

    wo bekomm ich den jz her ?
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    Race To Max Contest [Update: Winners Announced | 11/1]

    lul first gold eu mage xD
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    Was raubt euch den Spaß?

    Ich mache auch erstmal nen Break bis zu den 2*Runs/Avalon..derzeit einfach kein vernünftiger Content.
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    Scheduled Maintenance [10/29] - [Completed]

    Pref a usefull update like more content soon - getting kind of boring with those t1 items, weak legendary dungeons and no avalon.
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    Geplante Wartung [29. Oktober] [Abgeschlossen]

    Guardian of the Forest kannst du trotz Bug machen - hab 100% in nord und south lentuth Notice: Oh die haben das sogar trotz lösbaren bug wieder geändert ? hm dann kann ich dazu nichts sagen :D
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    Beruf Gathering

    Bitte das Gathering beim Berufsmat. erhöhen - derzeit hat niemand wirklich Lust farmen zu gehen. 1 bis 2 Gathering auf 3-5 buffen. Danke.
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    Legendary Dungeons Stage 1 [Consolidated Feedback] [Updated 10/21]

    Yeah, they said they dont want to create a "smash and grab" game and they want to build a brand and a relationship with us and deliver a product that we want. So im very excited bout the changes that "should" happen now.
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    Legendary Dungeons Stage 1 [Consolidated Feedback] [Updated 10/21]

    hope they ll update some stuff asap - astellia getting kind of boring cuz of the probs atm.
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    Ende der Story Quests????

    Hab wirklich die komplette Story geskipped.. wieso wurde die kleine entführt und wer sind die beiden damen, gegeneinander gekämpft haben ?^^
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    Unscheduled Maintenance [10/18] - [Completed]

    nah i dont care bout zender - thats all :p
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    Unscheduled Maintenance [10/18] - [Completed]

    thing is : Every problem has a solution
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    Unscheduled Maintenance [10/18] - [Completed]

    Humans need some sleep boy. No Zender = Doomsday ? U cant play the game without Zender anymore ? Gosh calm down :D
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    Unscheduled Maintenance [10/18] - [Completed]

    Just show some patience - they ll fix it asap.
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    Ye thats y u have to craft a lot and u get most of elements in AH and most heroic/legy gear with "ok" stats alrdy sold in AH - getting cheaper and cheaper for new fresh lv 50 players btw. Whole Star Tale is boring haha :D