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    Refer A Friend

    I have several friends that I have referred to play this game and they loved it. Now if only we had some sort of reward program or even a free 7 day trial that we can provide to a friend would be awesome. Wondering how many people that play would love to see a Refer A Friend reward system or...
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    New Packages

    I didn't buy the 100$ founder edition for the free stuff, I bought it to support Astellia as i knew it could be an Awesome MMO. Of course the free stuff is a nice bonus but that isn't why we should buy a Founders edition. If your a founder, be proud of calling yourself one and wear your special...
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    Masterthread for CBT-2 feedback discussions

    Small feed back for the game to be awesome :D so far im liking what i see and will be pre-ordering the game. #1 It would be nice to have a button that allows me to go back to server selection screen instead of having to shutdown the game from the character selection screen. #2 I'm an...