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    Poor Targeting mechanics needs addressing

    TAB targeting in WoW is superior to this. The majority of the time you TAB and there are multiple targets it DOES NOT switch! LoL!
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    Poor Targeting mechanics needs addressing

    I am LoLing inside because I know how annoying this is...I have the same experience. It targets a mob far off into the distance and being a melee it runs to that target while my astel stays on the main mob. I press TAB again and it sometimes STAYS on that target!
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    having issuses with I am wondering if any one is having issuses with collussusm , edit ..... everything is fixed now

    The problem I have with 'collussusm' is that it never pops for me - solo or group. L 50 2 stars now and not a single pop. There might be more probs when it does pop but haven't found out yet.
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    Astellia Support Team Dead??

    So I received a reply 29th Oct. Only thing is I already bought an appearance change ticket. I don't get refunded for what I spent I get an extra free one to be as picky about it as possible with my toon. The appearance change ticket hasn't been sent to me yet. GM Moony (Astellia) Oct 29...
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    changes to Armor Appearance Supply Box?

    Well actually making it a TMOG game saves us money as we don't need to buy the outfits. We just have to FARM it.
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    changes to Armor Appearance Supply Box?

    It needs to be like AION, Blade&Soul or Black Desert Online. Then this game will be that much more better. If you want to stay ahead of the game or high ranking MMO this is small step to go.
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    Question about story/lore/dialogue? >.<

    I reckon if you were able to summon a 50 ASTEL army simultaneously you should be able to roll over any boss in the game. But maybe I haven't met all bosses yet still a 1 star 50.
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    Please increase size of Block List

    Band-aid fix. If the gold spammers have been blocked or banned They just simply create another account, they have enough to offset the cost and still make profit. Always someone keeping them in business. Also they probably have a real character that farms and one that spams the ADS. This...
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    Ring of Exploration.... stupid Zender pricing

    They are there for comic relief, the astel to astel dialogue is mildly amusing at times. They are like pets to a hunter or warlock in WoW. If you got too many you wont have to do **** all. Owning mobs all the way as a SIN to 50 and under-geared. Compared to other cash shops in other MMO's its...
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    Show off your Character!!

    My alts. Elven Archer and 14 year old tallest and oldest lollipop mage.
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    Show off your UIs

    OK heres mine: I made it to resemble my WoW UI setup as much as possible. The down side is you cannot re-position your TARGET bar.
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    Show off your UIs

    AWWWEEEE surprise surprise its a GUILDY!!!!!!!!! I had this idea too but you beat me to it. WIll post mine up later.
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    Gender stupidity

    Its not exact! LoL
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    Subsciption -> Price reduction

    Only banning the gold sellers isn't going to work if there are players that keep them in business that don't also get banned. They just have to see their website ad once. Now its worth it for them to remake another account because they are still gaining profit. Also how is this able to be...
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    How to turn off the dmg of other players?

    Where is the setting? Thanks.