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    Invert Mouse Y-Axis?

    Much appreciated kind lady
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    Invert Mouse Y-Axis?

    I asked about it in another thread but had no word from staff. Players, supposedly, asked about this during beta.
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    Question to staff - Invert Mouse Control

    As I know, from some players in another post, Astellia had no Invert mouse setting in beta. Early start coming quickly and there's no info about changes implemented in final version. Could someone from staff team answer me please - do game get this setting or players accustomed to this kind of...
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    Deleting a level 1 character

    It would be very nice to get this kind of feature
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    "Monthly subscription" hidden message = daylight robbery

    Subscription model as alternative to buy is a step into a good direction. Game to have a chance to succeed needs as much new players as possible. And whiners will always whine whatever they get.
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    Invert Mouse Control Setting

    I hope too. Game, particularly RPG, lacking in key and mouse functionality will not get a long life. Why devs forget about that?
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    Invert Mouse Control Setting

    Never had a chance to participate in beta test. Did game had invert mouse camera setting ? For long time player with own quirks and habits this functionality is practically essential.