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    Hi Guys!

    Thanks Inky! I'm loving the game so far... moving up steadily working on my gathering/crafting as I go. Feel free to message me as well, I'm on my Assassin Nero most nights! :)
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    can we include bank items when ?

    I’m having a lot of fun personally... and I haven’t really heard a ton of negatives honestly. Most reviews on YouTube even start with “I wasn’t expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised”. At this point you can try it for $10, so you can make your own opinions very easily/cheaply.
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    can we include bank items when ?

    Yeah, I've played games that do that... and unless I'm mistaken, Astellia is one of them technically. Astellia has the different tabs for the different item types, so all craft materials do currently go into their own space! I definitely agree though, I much prefer games that separate the...
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    can we include bank items when ?

    I'm pretty sure that suggestion is something that other games do where if you are crafting (for example), you can craft using the items in your bank, as well as the items that are in your inventory bag(s). It's definitely convenient, as it lets you use your bank as extended inventory...
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    Scheduled Maintenance [10/1 | Updated]

    Not that this is a perfect solution, as there aren't an unlimited number of channels, but being able to go to a different channel definitely helps deal with this. I know that if I ever need to farm items at higher level in these types of games, I always try to find an empty channel so that I...
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    Level 20 Gathering Skill Achievement

    I saw this the other day too and it definitely made go "wtf" lol... as I recall, the rewards for those achievements aren't even good, so I'm assuming only a true completionist would do that.
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    Star's Tale - Guide List

    Thanks for putting this together... I definitely bookmarked this thread as well!
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    Star's Tale - a possibly great feature, already doomed?

    Yeah, I've played a LOT of these types of games, and one thing that is always true is that everyone hates change. But if you really try, you can quite often find some positives hidden in the immediately obvious negatives (not always the case). In this case, I also feel that playing a headstart...
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    I haven't seen any bots yet (I'm sure that will change), but I did see a gold seller shouting/spamming chat the other day. I just report all of these users, and hope that eventually that helps the dev team track them down (and remove them).
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    Star's Tale - a possibly great feature, already doomed?

    Yeah, something like this is tough to address (I would imagine). They might not have other options available to them with regard to how much their developers can change (adding a level sync system for example), and this will definitely solve the problem quickly/easily. Preventing people from...
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    DPS during healing in dungeons

    I never play healers, but I have to agree with you here. I understand that a lot of healers like this because it makes the class even more difficult (which people enjoy), but there's already a lot of pressure on healers to keep everyone alive, so you guys don't need any extra things to worry...
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    Star's Tale - a possibly great feature, already doomed?

    Definitely valid points, but I am personally happy to hear about the level requirement changes... I have been playing since the 20th, and have been taking my time, enjoying the game. I hadn't even thought about lower level mobs not dropping items (never went back to older zones after moving to...
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    Scheduled Maintenance [10/1 | Updated]

    Thanks for the update, looking forward to these changes! I'm glad to see being able to remove old quest items on the list... it's minor, but I have 2 items stuck in my inventory that I can't delete from an old quest, and they're driving me nuts for some reason lol.
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    Disable 2FA

    I'm also having a hell of a time logging in. I keep getting the "something went wrong" banner, even on the main screen where you enter your email/password. I ultimately had to disable 2FA as well, and after a few more attempts, appear to be making it to the character select (it's taking a while...
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    Official Release time Announcement!!

    Yeah, I'm in the same boat with a lot of people. I assumed the 20th would be 12am PST, which would have put it at 3am for me (EST). I have been wanting to take a day off for a long weekend for a long time, so I figured this would be a good time... I was wrong lol. I will be sitting home all...