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    Hair style for females looks bad?

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    solo leg dungeons when?

    you are wrong. massive multiplayer online.massive = huge, large, big; multi = alot, bunch, several; player=person,people,human,bot. nowhere in there is there a must group up, party up, etc. you and alot of other people just thinks it does. also, just because alot of other people believe it. does...
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    solo leg dungeons when?

    MMORPG does not mean group, party. its just alot of people role playing and the same game.
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    Is Astellia already dying?

    Hey Yall... Im all good here. Enjoying the game. Having fun. Getting everything maxed out on all classes. All astells maxed out. Plenty to do. not bored. taking my time. All good. Peaceful, no pressure. no hurry. Play this class for awhile, play that class for awhile. mess around with stats and...
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    Cooking Guide and Where to Find Meat

    thank you guys. all this is very helpful. thanks for the work
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    Scheduled Maintenance [11/7] - Completed

    WOOT! WOOT! new astel and costumes. the gods have smiled on me. plus its payday. just between me and yall. i will have to donate some of my hard earned money to for the costumes. yall dont tell anybody. keep it on the down low. mum's the word.:rolleyes:(y)🤫
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    Evasion needs a nerf/rework

    SO IT BEGINS! was wondering when the request for nerfing would start. you pvpers took longer then i expected.:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
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    Masterthread for your Feedback [Headstart/Launch]

    this may have been asked already but... 1. account bank 2. mail more items or reduce the cost of mailing make it easier for crafting and transferring gear to alts thanks hugs and kisses to all :p;):LOL::ROFLMAO::giggle::whistle::whistle::whistle::whistle::whistle:
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    Masterthread for your Feedback [Headstart/Launch]

    Hello again, I understand in Korea there is a system in place for the additional xp eraned after 50. Is that going to be implemented here? I hate to see all that xp go to waste when we can use it for additional bonuses and such. thank you
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    Masterthread for your Feedback [Headstart/Launch]

    OK, lets put some new items in the store, costumes, mounts, etc. just bought 100.00 worth of coins. make me want to spend them.
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    Unscheduled Maintenance [10/18] - [Completed]

    loot ring in cash shop please or scrolls. i will love you long time.:love::love::LOL::ROFLMAO:
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    Is it worth it?

    I think so for now. Take the game for what it is. its fun to me. but im patience. i enjoy leveling all the classes. running around and finding stuff. no hurry to really complete anything. like all mmo's, some appeal to folks and some dont. i dont think its a long run game right now. but that may...
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    Bots, Gold Spam, & Other 3rd Party Software

    Tipsy, all the big games are not successful at removing bots. thats what i have been telling you. ESO,WOW, FF14, etc.... you can buy tons of gold for those games plus equipment, rare crafting drops,mounts. just drop it man, you gonna drive yourself crazy abscessing of this. put your blinders on...
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    Masterthread for your Feedback [Headstart/Launch]

    Can you guys make the non human astels look more life like then cartoonish. ex is the titrinio, Corvus, link,Capricorn, Leo ,etc.