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    Thanksgiving Events

    Don't even bother with Oklmq; he is the type of person that even if the Devs came out with the absolutely perfect game he would whine because there is nothing to whine about.
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    Looking for a Testcode

    They have a free weekend starting tomorrow. Free Weekend Have some friends who are curious about Astellia, or just want to check it out yourself? We’ve got you covered, during the weekend of 11/29 - 12/1 you can log into and play Astellia for free! From 11/29 - 12/1 you can enter the code...
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    Thanksgiving Events

    Unless something has changed you can't upgrade; thought it was once you buy a package you are pretty much locked into that package (if its changed sorry been kind of put of the loop last few days).
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    Is Astellia already dying?

    So in the couple of days that Avalon has been out you was able to buy a bunch of the treasures and got 1 halfway to max? Sounds like you can easily have it maxed in 2-3 weeks, and you are going to complain about that? Again; IMO, there is nothing wrong with it taking a few months to get BiS; it...
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    Is Astellia already dying?

    Who said NA is empty? I see plenty of people running around, can usually get groups for the stuff I want to do, and have a ton of fun while playing. Of course I do 90% of stuff with my guild so guess there is an advantage there if you are in an active guild. I guess if you play off hours might...
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    Avalon some first 24h impressions from EU_Aquarius

    If you are dumb enough to cuddle with 99 other sheep you deserve to get a meteor dropped on your head; meteor has a long cast time so just keep moving and save cuddle time for back in town and problem solved. Also try teaming up with the other side to mow down the dominate side. One thing the...
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    Poor Targeting mechanics needs addressing

    Yeah I've tried them all and the targeting still gets screwed up from time to time;
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    Poor Targeting mechanics needs addressing

    Problem is you solution may work ok for healer and DPS, but as a tank I have to constantly change up targets so as to maintain or grab aggro, and their current targeting system is absolutely horrid for that. If it was at least consistent then people can actually figure out easier ways to work...
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    Really wish people would leave what the issue is, and then respond with how it was fixed , so that others that may have the same or similar problem has an idea of what may work.
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    So much RNG and less Astel progressing

    Except noone is saying the game isn't without issues; we just don't want it to be come another easy mode MMO that hands you full BiS in a weeks time which is what is seems a lot of those that "want the game to be a viable contender in the western market" even though the second they cave to those...
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    So much RNG and less Astel progressing

    Thats because it is a known fact (as in indisbutable truth) that a very small minority of gamers visit the forums on the regular, and most of those are only the ones with a complaint about the game. The majority of the time people that are happy with the way the game is going will not bother...
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    Golden Victory Token Treasures

    Lol know how that is on the time and replying from work on the phone.
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    Achieving All Colosseum Ranks (D-S)

    Grats on getting that done; did that a week or so myself and was a pain. Think for D rank I had to kite the final boss around for close to 10 minutes; felt like the gladiator scene in Monty Python's Life of Brian.
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    Another new player. This game surprised me.

    Glad you are having fun; this game was a bit of a sleeper for me as well, picked it up thinking maybe just a side game that I dabble with from time to time, but ended up hooking me in unlike any MMO has done in a long time. For the costume packs you can actually preview them in the normal...
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    bot bots bots

    Just include all the other bot names in the first report. I would usually say "Bot party with ADFRE, JJGRFC, JKOII, and DfTrr23." If I see more than one party in the area I would just go to the other party and include them in the report.