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    [Terminée] Maintenance planifiée [3/24]

    When will guild inscriptions and item names from Korean to English be corrected?
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    Scheduled Maintenance [3/19] [completed]

    How to do the task received from the NPC Totu? Already understood.
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    Scheduled Maintenance [1/30 | Complete]

    Please tell me with what order of time the PVE and PVP modes in Avalon change. The calculation is done for a day or for the whole week? When I read the news about this update, I thought that the player himself would choose the mode he needed. I was wrong. Modes are switched automatically. And if...
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    January Content Preview!

    I found a NPC Kizel, but I can't take the task. What's wrong? I found out the reason; many other tasks were taken from me.
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    Standard package

    Thank you so much!
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    Standard package

    November 26, I purchased a standard package. But still I do not see the promised bonuses Norden's Favor (30 Days) x1 Niar's Passing (30 Days) x1 Scroll of Exploration x3 I assumed that they are activated automatically. If not, tell me how to do it.
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    🎃 Spooktacular Event: Candy For the Candy King 🦇

    Indeed, it happens that after 1 \ 4 of his life, the monster falls, and then gets up and he becomes invulnerable. Apparently this is a bug. But it’s not necessary to die. Treat this as an adventure. You can hide from a monster behind a carriage or carts. Wait until he recovers his life. And try...
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    Bookworm title

    Thank you so much, Anghya, the problem was really in the missing task chain. Already completed the task of opening a secret room in the library. And I continue to carry out missions on the plot. Already dozens of tasks. I consider the problem described by me a bag. The auto path should not have...
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    Bookworm title

    What if the 5th book is not activated near the Lumie NPC? Character level 50. 4 books found. 1. Immediately after entering the bottom of the stairs. 2. On the first table in the room on the right. 3. In the round room. 4. Behind the stairs in the corner of the room. Explored the entire area of...