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    It's really amazing

    welcome to Bless 2.0 basically the server was unmanned most of the day and completely unmanned during the whole Xmas until mid Jan they just grab our money and become yet another Bless
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    Scheduled Maintenance [11/7] - Completed

    how about the max limit of the block list?
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    Please remove the 5 minute timer for reporting

    oh you call it "educate" let's say there are 100 accounts of bots/gold sellers concurrently if a publisher is milking those $10 x 100 as their profit, they might as well close it for good You seem to be praising their work so much that their existence is a blessing and rightfully executed. I...
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    Please remove the 5 minute timer for reporting

    I did apply myself, on 11OCT, when I have predicted this would become a huge issue rapidly. Getting paid or not, this is a routine task maintaining a server isn't it? I do not know how well do you understand the importance of planning a task list for every shift. From the list of GMs provided...
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    Please remove the 5 minute timer for reporting

    then could you please kindly explain why they can let multiple gold sellers spamming msgs for (now) 18 hours+++ straight banning or ripping off their ability to talk should be a less-than-one-minute tasks, per character don't challenge me about the time, "all mmo players are coders" plus I have...
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    Please increase size of Block List

    how many gold farming centres do you run?
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    Please remove the 5 minute timer for reporting

    Seriously, is there a GM at all?
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    Please remove the 5 minute timer for reporting

    Give it up THEY DON'T CARE AT ALL Although I do not have the exact time, but this "Adfhghgf" person, among all other gold spammers, have been spamming since 16:00z on 27OCT (could be earlier from this time), and now its 09:00z/28OCT A GREAT 17 HOURS AN NO BODY REACT TO IT (and counting....)...
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    Gold sellers still spamming during prime time?

    Sorry, I'm on NA server my lists are full (of different characters) these were taken a few days ago same thing yesterday, same thing today, same thing tomorrow
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    Please increase size of Block List

    Consider the game had just released for ONE month and 100 slots have been filled, I think making it to 10000 sounds more realistic Good thing now is, I can't properly talk to someone just because of those spammers filling up every line of my chat box As band-aid as it is, no GM presence in...
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    Scheduled Maintenance [10/22] [Completed]

    don't like it? don't buy it the price(s) are absolutely fine
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    Scheduled Maintenance [10/22] [Completed]

    just logged in and there was no server... oh, delay by an hour... can't wait to see what's in store :)
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    Item Probability List ?

    can anyone please let me know where the Item Probability List is? got an Armor Appearance Supply Box (which most of you already got it) it says to go to the official website to see a list of possible drop, but I have searched through that there is no Item Probability List.... anyone shed some...
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    Star's Tale - Guide List

    Ragferant - collectable Blood First Orc Bone should be Blood First Orc Necklace - Arceology