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    Scheduled Maintenance [11/26 | Complete]

    Starting to hear The Doors song, 'This is the end' playing in my head. Game bugs/problems that have been spoken about sinse day one are not getting addressed each week that goes past. It's really sad to see.
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    Temporary NA Server Outage [Resolved]

    Le Woops. Crash again?
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    Temporary NA Server Outage [Resolved]

    Aye, ty for letting us know.
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    Poor Targeting mechanics needs addressing

    Now that Avalon is out, Tabbing the right mob in any game would be hard but, attempting to click a mob with the mouse button first click and it sticking is extremely low. Even if the mob isn't moving, I seem to have to click multiple times before it selects. May have to do with lag but there are...
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    Bots, Gold Spam, & Other 3rd Party Software

    It's one server and one chat for each of the regions right?. Doesn't that just require 2 people to be employed at one given time to monitor chat and ban gold sellers? Even one person can monitor 2 regions at once and simply ban them. I need some light on how this isn't possible to setup. It's...
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    Bots, Gold Spam, & Other 3rd Party Software

    Just curious if you're still trying to actually do anything about the gold spammers. It really seems like you've given up trying to do something about them. Now we're getting multiple line garbage spams and it seems like it's accelerating how many different spammers there are. One can only...
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    Poor Targeting mechanics needs addressing

    Please just look into the targeting, It still frustrates me.
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    Communication, Patch Notes, and more... [Update | 10/25]

    Please do something about the inyourfaceslappyslapslap notification window. The annoying thing just keeps popping up in the worst spot possible while mid battle.
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    Masterthread for your Feedback [Headstart/Launch]

    Can you add a sensitivity to the dodge? Often my toon just does a little shuffle dance rather than trigger a dodge. To be safe I often have to tap 3 times but often this doesn't work either. Could be a ping related thing due to I've read before that this is an issue with games that are first...
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    Poor Targeting mechanics needs addressing

    This as well is my biggest problem with the targeting issues. The others I've learn to deal with for now. Seems ping reduction software has made it slightly more bearable but not the targeting outside of engaged mob problem.
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    Gold sellers still spamming during prime time?

    Yea, it's really out of control. Can't keep up with all the blocking. Only a little time later it's all back again.
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    Mage Evolution

    Looking for a link to a site that has the exp needed to switch evolution and back again if need. I'm a 5star wiz with 30mil+ so think can switch to 5star sorc. But not sure if I will like the difference too much so would like the option to switch back to wiz if need taking the awakening from the...
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    Scheduled Maintenance [10/22] [Completed]

    Yea, I agree with you on this. Have over 450 slab of the stars in my inv without a single hint that rares actually drop out of these shinning pots. I have about 12 or 13 points in gathering with my astell buffs going on as well at this stage of the game with still no subtle suggestion that they...
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    Dungeon Mechanics

    Curious if in the future you could improve the way you do the boss mechanics. It's the times some of them go immune and do their little lame mini cut-scene like animations that splits the mechanic waves of the fight. Have some go transparent, teleport to a ledge, burrow into the ground, put a...
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    Poor Targeting mechanics needs addressing

    Heh, you're right with this. I played around with Tab target and mouse clicks and it made a difference. I live in Australia so yes, ping certantly effects me. If I quickly click the tab, I see it select and then de-select the mob/s. If I held it down for a tad too long, it de selected. There's a...