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    This is legit the worst auction house i've ever seen

    Some quality of life changes could really improve the auction house. Most MMOs have a lot of what you mentioned built-in at launch. I wonder if we can copy/paste from Notepad in the interim?
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    Censorship / Costume + Charackter

    That's a win/win. Do this.
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    Censorship / Costume + Charackter

    So I just watched a video showing the Korean mage outfits, and unfortunately I feel the Western release ruined a few of them. I do hope in the future we just get whatever costumes & skins are available over there. Ultimately this is a minor gripe I have for a game I am thoroughly enjoying, but...
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    Blue Quests

    They're covered in the Star's Tale guide stickied on the PvE forum
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    Star's Tale - Guide List

    This thread is officially my homepage now. *Thank you*
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    Stars Tale Guide

    Thank you! I'm currently running around aimlessly trying to figure out the Collection / Loot items
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    This game promotes hate

    This thread is promoting hate
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    Astellia Codex - English game database

    Book and marked.
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    Masterthread for your Feedback [Headstart/Launch]

    Loving it so far, and there are already a lot of great suggestions here. A few things I'd like to see: - Option to move individual UI elements - Some indication that you have to visit the Achievements screen in order to update progress on the Star guide (I looked for a sixth Meiville chest...