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  1. CM Pisces

    [05/26] Scheduled Maintenance

    Greeting Astellians, To ensure a stable service for players, there will be a scheduled maintenance on May 26th, 2020. Maintenance duration is subjected to change depending on the conditions. During this time, players will temporarily be unable to access their accounts and the Astellia servers...
  2. CM Pisces

    [Event] Astellia Quiz Event

    Greetings Astellians, Surprise! It's quiz time on Astellia ~ :: Event Period :: 1st Week - May 15, 2020 to May 21, 2020 (PDT) 2nd Week - May 22, 2020 to May 28, 2020 (PDT) 3rd Week - May 29, 2020 to June 4, 2020 (PDT) :: How to Participate :: 2 quiz questions will be released each week for 3...
  3. CM Pisces

    Astellia Package Discount & BORA Platform Pay-back Promotion

    It's a separate project that Studio8 is working on - our current servers / service / Astellia MMORPG won't be impacted. But judging by the name, perhaps it could be a game aimed towards the Battle Royale genre (Fortnite?)? 🤔
  4. CM Pisces

    [05/12] Scheduled Maintenance (Completed)

    Unfortunately no breakthroughs yet :( As far as we've been informed, the developers are working on tackling the server lag first to see if there's any correlation with the skill lags, and have asked us to check the forums/ask users on Discord daily to see if there's any improvement.
  5. CM Pisces

    Astellia Package Discount & BORA Platform Pay-back Promotion

    Nope, BORA Tokens are a type of cryptocurrency that can only be used on the BORA Island content platform ^^
  6. CM Pisces

    [05/12] Scheduled Maintenance (Completed)

    Greetings Astellians, There will be a maintenance during the following time: [Date] Tuesday, May 12th, 2020 [Time] 12:00 ~ 04:00 (PDT) | 07:00 ~ 11:00 (UTC) | 16:00 ~ 20:00 (KST) [Time] 12:00 ~ 06:00 (PDT) | 07:00 ~ 13:00 (UTC) | 16:00 ~ 22:00 (KST) [Time] 12:00 ~ 05:00 (PDT) | 07:00 ~ 12:00...
  7. CM Pisces

    [Event] Hot-Time Week (5/1~5/6)

    Greetings Astellians, We hope everyone is staying safe. To celebrate the first week of May, there will be a week-long buff event. Hot-time Event [PST] April 30th, 5:00 PM ~ May 5th, 5:00 PM [KST] April 30th, 9:00 AM ~ May 6th, 9:00 AM [UTC] May 1st, 00:00 ~ May 6th, 00:00 Buffs: 1. Dungeon...
  8. CM Pisces

    [Event] Home, Sweet Home! (4/28~5/26)

    Greetings Astellians, Oh, home! Pisces longs to go home and spend time with her fellow Astels... 😄 [Event] Home, Sweet Home! [Duration] April 28th, 2020 to May 26th, 2020 In this event, play Astellia every day to stock up on Stelite and Holy Order's Symbols! See the table below to find the...
  9. CM Pisces

    [Hot-Time Weekend] AP Buff (4/23~4/25)

    Greetings Astellians, Many of you shared good feedback about the last AP Buff event so we’ve decided to bring it back again! We are going to have AP Buff Hot-time event this weekend, please check out the details below: AP Buff Hot-time April 23rd, 2020 6:00 PM- April 25th, 2020 4:59 PM (PDT)...
  10. CM Pisces

    Astellia Package Discount & BORA Platform Pay-back Promotion

    Greetings Astellians, From April 21st to May 5th, there will be a sale on Astellia Game Packages (up to 30% off). Package Discount Period Astellia Studio8 (Astellia Website) Service: 04/21/2020 12:00AM – 05/05/2020 12:00AM (PDT) Astellia Steam Service: 04/21/2020 10:00AM – 05/05/2020...
  11. CM Pisces

    Addressing Intermittent Networking Issues

    Hello Astellians, We are aware and have confirmed on our end that intermittent network delays are occurring as of late, where connection termination during gameplay has been occurring intermittently for some players. With that being said, our team has been looking into this issue, and will...
  12. CM Pisces

    [Maintenance] Web Page Maintenance on 4/21

    Greetings, Astellians, On Tuesday, April 21st, there will be a web page maintenance for game environment stabilization. [Maintenance Information] [Date] Tuesday, April 21st, 2020 [Time] 16:00 ~ 17:00 (KST) | 12:00 ~ 01:00 (PDT) | 07:00 ~ 08:00 (UTC) *Note: The Game Launcher and Payment...
  13. CM Pisces

    [Completed] Scheduled Maintenance (4/9)

    Greetings Astellians, There will be a maintenance occurring on Thursday, April 9th, 2020. Please refer to the details below for more information: 🔧[Maintenance]🔧 📅: Thursday, April 9th, 2020 🕒: 12AM - 2AM (PDT) | 07:00 - 09:00 (UTC) | 16:00 - 18:00 (KST) *Maintenance duration is subjected to...
  14. CM Pisces

    [Happy Easter] Easter Sunday Event (4/9~4/12)

    Greetings Astellians, We hope everyone is staying safe! To celebrate Easter, we're bringing you a special Easter weekend event. The event will start after maintenance, please read below for the maintenance schedule and event details. 🔧[Maintenance] 🔧 📅: Thursday, April 9th, 2020 🕒: 12AM - 2AM...
  15. CM Pisces

    [Celebrating March] Daily Dungeon Bonus (3/26~3/28)

    Greetings Astellians! March has gone by super fast - looking at the calendar, the month is almost over! With that being said, from now and until Saturday, March 28th, the Dungeon Boss Item Drop rate has been increased (•́⌄•́๑)૭! Event Information Effect: Dungeon Boss Item Drop Rate Increase...
  16. CM Pisces

    [Thank You Barunson E&A Oscar 4-Winning Event] Congratulations Lucky Winners!

    Aww 🥰. I find Pisces super amusing, particularly because of her habit of apologizing profusely lol! That's fine, as long as a ticket is submitted - they'll send a confirmation within 2-3 days noting that the information has been recorded down. I think this might actually be the first time we've...
  17. CM Pisces

    [Thank You Barunson E&A Oscar 4-Winning Event] Congratulations Lucky Winners!

    Hello Kyuleaf, We completely understand your concerns. Although our Zendesk is not equipped to fully handle giveaways, we felt that it would have been more appropriate for players to send their private information to us over there rather than Instagram. We had privacy concerns brought up to us...
  18. CM Pisces

    [Thank You Barunson E&A Oscar 4-Winning Event] Congratulations to the Lucky Winners!

    Greetings Astellians, Thank you for your patience while we compiled all of the submissions from every participant! We were very impressed with how amazing some of the images were, and we hope that you all had fun with being creative about your submissions. Without further ado, here are our...
  19. CM Pisces

    [Maintenance] 3/17 & 3/19 Maintenance Schedule

    Server merge scheduled for March 17 (Tuesday) for EU: Aquarius and Canceria will proceed as scheduled: - March 17, 2020 00:00 AM to 03:00 AM PST(3 hours) - March 17, 2020 08:00 AM to 11:00 AM CET(3 hours) - March 17, 2020 16:00 PM to 19:00 PM KST(3 hours) Regular maintenance scheduled for...
  20. CM Pisces

    Network Instability [Update: 1:05PM PT]

    Hello Astellians, We're sorry for the inconvenience caused by the network instability at the moment and are working to fix it as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and continued support! UPDATED: MARCH 11TH AT 1:05PM PT Hello Astellians, if you are experiencing slow network speed...