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    World First Star's Tale 100%

    It is done. 11.10.2019, 00:05 AM CEST, i managed to complete Star's Tale 100%. More than 200 hours of work went into farming the stuff, over 40 red mane kills with low-level chars. I farmed the first 3 maps while questing, cause i did not have the patch that allowed me to farm everything with...
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    Goldsellers start to become annoying

    Well, who would have thought, we have Goldsellers here. At first, it was only Kissa. But now, things are getting out of hand now. If you blocked Kissa, you're fine. But now, there are several gold-seller accounts constantly spamming the chat. There is more goldseller-spam than our german...
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    Star's Tale - a possibly great feature, already doomed?

    Greetings Astellians, I want to share my thoughts with you, concerning tomorrow's patch. I myself am kind of a completionist. I work since i spotted Star's Tale for the completion. Therefore, I guess i'm able to say that i'm very experienced with the Star's Tale Feature so far. First of all...