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  1. srnight

    What Stats mainly use Mages for PVE?

    m- acc/m-crit acc me
  2. srnight

    Kazra Treasure

    not miodan/ avalon
  3. srnight

    How would you rate the 5/26 Tulie Content Update?

    Personally, I think you should do a bit of work with (NPC SHINING MERCHANTS GOLD COIN MERCHANT) when you're new, this npc comes in handy, but as time goes by it doesn't turn into useful content, however daily search continues to grant these coins Brilliant, they only take up space without...
  4. srnight

    [Event] Truly Epic Fantasy World

    They must make contacts to advertise this type of ads with steelseries and alienware, they have a good impact on their pages
  5. srnight

    Can we have something done about Heroic Beeswax prices?

    My opinion is that the heroic wax should cost 20 zender, if it is worth half the cost of a legendary, it is logical that they establish the current price, for this reason the heroic wax cannot be worth half the legendary wax, also they can increase a 5/10% drop to the article, I owned an online...
  6. srnight

    Tula´s Clerks Records

    Lol 100% startale here :)
  7. srnight

    Can we have something done about Heroic Beeswax prices?

    You are absolutely right, I hope the developers take this post with the value it deserves
  8. srnight

    Game will not file check.

    I had forgotten that, you are absolutely right, you do not have a valid license, it will not allow you to work the launcher
  9. srnight

    Game will not file check.

    Download this link, it is the complete client, after that you only have to update the rest, use jdownloader or download it directly as you prefer :) This link was passed to me by the gms when I had problems with the download 100% recommended...
  10. srnight

    The ticket system is now outdated

    maybe at least one more 8 ticket expansion for a total of 32/32
  11. srnight

    Delete job-only items

    long live the new patch hahahaha. 0,03% here :D
  12. srnight


    I think the same, advertising, I see a game with great potential
  13. srnight

    New Bug

    while solving the problem, AP BUFF NOW
  14. srnight

    Cannot buy subscription?

    there is a problem with payments for steam, currently I understand, you should buy it directly through the official page
  15. srnight

    Greetings Astellians!

    It would also be good if in the future you can add a window that shows our statistics by percentage of so that we can determine what the benefit is exactly what we are equipping
  16. srnight

    Avalon Early Opening Issue [Updated: 10/18]

    instead of crying they should be happy to have a quick action group in case of some error, I have been playing online for many years and most of the companies even the best, wait until maintenance to solve these errors, sometimes even , after the maintenance mistakes continue, 1 despite the fact...
  17. srnight

    Launcher Issues and Resolves

    Just leave it, it takes 1 hour and 30 minutes to update after it got stuck at 52%, then I pass to 98% and I'm already playing
  18. srnight

    Launcher Issues and Resolves

    I don't know, someone said that after remaining at 52%, their download increased to 92%, im waiting my client astellia weighing 40.4gb
  19. srnight

    Launcher Issues and Resolves

    Help me! my launcher is stuck at 52% there is some solution for this, it takes more than 1 hour there, and it only takes 10 minutes to reach 52%