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  1. Frostbyte

    Astel Element (Currency) ??

    Anyone know what this is or where to spend it? It says it's a Currency.
  2. Frostbyte

    Soloing New Solo Dungeons

    Has anyone else soloed any of the new Solo Legendary dungeons? I haven't attempted Mansion or Prison solo yet. We've done Mansion as a party, and the last boss is quite tough. (You really gotta hammer the boss.) Otherwise, not bad as a party. I did manage to solo Macarzin Basin, though...
  3. Frostbyte

    Feedback/Input Poll: Inventory Expansions

    Seeing something like the Inventory Expansions added to cash shop made me wonder how many people bought them and, if enough people support good cash shop additions such as this, will the devs take notice and add more good stuff? Of course we'd all like to see more costumes, weapon skins (frost...
  4. Frostbyte

    Holy Order's Symbol Shop (Prices Bug)

    As you can see in the screenshot provided, some weapons are overpriced at 5,200 Holy Order's Symbols while others are at the normal price of 2,600. Clearly they should all be 2,600 (if not 'less'), as Holy Order Symbols are no longer available via a Quest since the removal of Hunting Ground...
  5. Frostbyte


    I figured it'd be ok to post this here. Maybe reach more people who are on the forums but not on in game when I'm posting looking for these items. WTB: Altair Sword: Heroic with CON/CON, STR/STR, or CON/STR (or) Altair Sword: Legendary with all physical stats. Gebra Necklace: Heroic or...
  6. Frostbyte

    New Deck Effect Request & Other Stuff

    We need a Deck Effect to increase the chances of proccing when fusing Jewels and Runes. =] Each level of the Deck Effect would simply raise the percentage chance of success. Just to note: the difference between this and other effects we currently have (such as Technician for Enhancement...
  7. Frostbyte

    Do the "Tier 1 Enhancement Scrolls" not work?

    It seems I can't apply the scroll when going to enhance my item. o.O
  8. Frostbyte

    Guild > Last Login Date

    When is this gonna be added?? I know myself and many others have requested this numerous times.. not to mention that should've been there since day 1.
  9. Frostbyte

    @GMs/CMs: Karza Treasure Enhancement (Item Amounts Required)

    The amount of 'Crystal of Plague' and 'Seal of Curse' required to upgrade a Karza Treasure was 300. They all now say 500. Why is that?
  10. Frostbyte

    When will Guild Login KR text be fixed?

    I'd like to see "so-and-so has logged in" instead of a bunch of Korean text and a username. Before anyone goes there, I'm not being racist. I simply don't speak or read Korean. This is an NA game now and I wanna be able to read it in English.
  11. Frostbyte

    Astellia Royal

    @CMs/GMs What exactly is Astellia Royal?
  12. Frostbyte

    Petition for Changes to Avalon

    Patch Notes = "A PvP On / Off function has been added to Avalon." This switch turned out to be 1 hour of PvP followed by 3 hours of PvE, off and on. The Holy Stones are also available to be taken during Peace-time as well. This is turning a LOT of people off from the game. The issue with...
  13. Frostbyte

    Astels did not level up

    Did anyone's Astels level up at all? My Astels didn't level up at all.. in fact, it seems like their SP toward the next level was reset, when I know at 'least' two of them should be level 8 or 9. edit: I'd have to search the forums, but I know I remember we were promised that once the star...
  14. Frostbyte

    Lag issues since maintenance

    I've had off and on lag issues ever since the server stabilization maintenance. Others have as well, but mention it from the Christmas maintenance. May just be a difference when we noticed it? Not sure. All I know is that I never had any lag issues with the same (at all) until that maintenance...
  15. Frostbyte

    Meiville Magic Mike Style

    Oh yeah.
  16. Frostbyte

    Golden Victory Token Treasures

  17. Frostbyte

    Euria's Familiar (and Nagi's Journals) Locations

    Searched the forums but couldn't find the information on these here, so I figured I'd make some screenshots to show the locations of the five Familiars needed to obtain the five Journals. ^_^ Nagi's Journal # 1 Nagi's Journal # 2 Nagi's Journal # 3 Nagi's Journal # 4 Nagi's...
  18. Frostbyte

    Achieving All Colosseum Ranks (D-S)

    So I made it a personal goal of mine in the game to get all ranks in the Colosseum, which is tougher than you'd think. lol But I managed it. The rewards aren't anything other than Banon Coin, but I figured I'd share the times and HP bar amounts via screenshots in case anyone else wanted to get...
  19. Frostbyte

    Deck Effects (Full List)

    Put this list together for anyone who may be missing certain deck effects, or searching the forums and not finding results, etc etc. Hope it comes in handy for some people. ^_^ Acrobatics: Link / Seika / Miho --- Reduce the cooldown of Roll. Chemist: Kukuma / Scorpio --- There is a chance...
  20. Frostbyte

    Casual Sovereign

    Sovereign is a level 6 guild. Casual, laid back place to be. Once one of the top guilds of Astellia, we lost a lot of members when people got bored of the game due to lack of content, real life coming into play, and other reasons I can't think of atm. I myself quit the game for a few months and...