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    Pvp Decay

    I play 15 Arena matchs or so a week. This morning 50 points were removed from not playing? I even got the zend bonus of 35 for playing the week prior before why did I lose 50 arena points for inactivity?
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    Legendary Versus Not

    Deck effects. There all at +3 for early game blues. At +5 for all the other's even +5 on legendary's. Why does a Blue Kalmar's Broken Hilt(Blue/Rare) Have +5 crafting prodigy but a Legendary Karza Deck Effect treasure has.. +5? Why does Every Purple Deck effect also have +5 when the legendary...
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    Awakened Repressed Fury(Brutality)

    5 star Nightblade Awakened Ability. Awakened additionally increases evasion and critical evasion. It however does not when used.
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    Seeker Deck Effect.

    Increases Item Drop Rate and the Amount of Asper Obtained. Yet with this effect on and off relog and everything but yet everything drops the same amount of Asper. Tried multiple regions trying with the deck buff on and off same Asper dropped from multiple types of monsters. Inside the dungeons...
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    Karza Treasure Nerf

    So you half or near half the stats of all the Karza treasures Heroic/Legendary ok sounds fair need to balance stats. But the deck effect ones Queens Book or Guardians Medal ect where brought from +9 to +5. Where the heroic ones are still .. +5?? <~~ ?? So now you have legendarys that are...
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    Karza Treasure

    You can get them dropped out of each dungeon? Yet no one has got one dropped yet (stat's one not the deck effect ones I even got the book from lab np). You can buy Heroic Versions for 11,000 coins but it wont show you the stats so you could buy a magic or physical when your not that type. Ive...
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    Afk Astel Farming True End Game

    Can we at least put an afk timer on the Players themselves if no actions are taken or even typeing? Or is end game just to stand around and let your astel's farm xp/gold? Between that and bots with low pop how many players are here? Why does it take dev weeks to follow through with his own...
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    Enhance Legendarys

    Chance at fail ok I failed 12 times. Chance at critical fail and you go backwards a level .... 4 times.. If this is how its going to be to upgrade legendarys past 6 you need to put an item in the game to prevent at least Item level loss. 158k gold and 30k shards per poof.
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    Main Story Line Level 50 Quest Bug

    Quest: Hidding Presences Level 50 Main storyline 1-2 step go to two different zones across the map sepulchers. 3rd step *Investigate the Sepulcher in Lentuth* After 20 mins of running around you hit this point in which you go down a set of stairs into your own instance other party members...
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    Can't get in Legendary