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    My example will be archaeology, specifically runes. To make a common rune takes 4 Earthenware, no problem. To make an uncommon rune takes 18 Pottery - starting to be irritating. Takes about 8 minutes to gather these. To make a single rare rune takes 24 Tin - big problem. Takes over...
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    Game crashing past 2 days (error 219)

    For past two days there have been random crashes with the message: "Failed to verify the game files (219)". Does anyone have an idea of what's going on? This is a new problem for me. Just happened again when I was trying to switch characters. This time it said error 217. I'm beginning to...
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    Auction House = Disaster

    What were the devs thinking? The minimum deposit on an item at the AH is 1,000 and often 10,000. AND you don't get it back when items sell. On top of that, you pay 5%. Here I was, going to sell something worth a whole 90 gold and it wanted a 10K, non-refundable deposit! And, no, I'm not...
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    Useful sites besides the official wiki

    Something to tell you all about the UI and how to use it, as well as what a lot of data shown on the various screens mean: Class information along with skills/spells and info on Astels...
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    Why only one gathering skill?

    As per Wes' request, asking the question here. Why can you have only one gathering skill? Is to to make things harder for bots or?
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    Downloading now? Some are, but what are they downloading?

    Irrelevant post. Sorry. I'd delete the topic if I knew how.
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    Easter Eggs

    Given the size of the world (fairly large from what I've seen on Youtube), I hope that there are at least some Easter Eggs scattered around in various hard or semi-hard to get places. Without them, a huge world is just sorta boring.
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    Atra Crystals - use?

    OK. So they give stat boosts. However.... If you find a rare or heroic crystal, can you replace the common one you've already used, or are you stuck with the changes your common one gave you? I certainly hope not, as that means that the lower level crystals will be totally useless. Need info!
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    Scroll of Exploration Question

    Do they last 24 hours of in-game time, or 24 hours real time?
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    Which Astels can you use

    Looking at the images of the Astel cards, I see a symbol in the upper, left corner. Since there are 5 different ones, I assume that it refers to the five classes. My question is: Are you only able to get the Astels that match your class, or can you, eventually, get all of them, or most of them...
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    How many character slots?

    I've seen screenshots showing 6 or more unlocked, with several locked, but how many do you start with? I've not found an answer when searching the forum and in online searches. Any word on how much extra slots will cost?
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    Has anyone tried crafting?

    Is it implemented yet? If so, any thoughts?
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    Three basic questions

    1) In the first solo dungeon there are minerals (tin) that can be mined. Can you actually get the skill to do so prior to entering it? 2) Beeswax tokens - How often do they drop and how important are they? 3) How much space is in the basic warehouse? Thanks in advance for answers.