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  1. J

    Cost of items in cash shop.

    I know most items are cosmetic in the cash shop but the pricing seems crazy to me. I thought I had worked the conversion from Bena to Crystal out wrong because $100 for the class specific boxes and over $20 for a mount just seems crazy to me. I thought I had made a mistake and added an extra...
  2. J

    Dungeons- no loot if you die on final boss?

    On a couple of occasions I have died just before the end of the dungeon. Just now in the Halloween one. I come back to the area and the rest if the group clear and I get an S rank but there is no boss for me to loot? Is this just part of the gameplay or a bug? Thanks.
  3. J

    Pax South PlayToWin video.

    I have just watched this video on YouTube and if anyone hasn't seen it then you should watch it. I really hope you guys stick to what you say in this video. I really am enjoying my first few weeks in the game and even though there is a lot of toxic reviews for Astellia I feel the game and the...