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    astellia launcher is not able to update

    while game is running please close game and reopen launcher. is anyone else having this issue? I cant get into the game or even get the launcher started after the update. wtf is going on?
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    solo leg dungeons when?

    Thank you for the road map and all of the wonderful information. However, none of it tells us.... if we are going to be able to solo legendary dungeons. thank you please answer the question, if possible
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    Defeat Nergal... what am I doing wrong?

    this dude insta kills me. and this is the story quest.... how do I beat this guy in the underground sanctrum....
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    road map, where?

    can we please have a road map of the game. future plans, directors letter or something? I would like to know what is coming up and what has already been planned. please fix the drop rates in dungeons... I have soloed so many dungeons.. it is terrible. even soloing the party dungeons...
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    52% forever and ever

    seriously, would you please fix this issue. Is anyone looking into the issue? Mail us some dungeon tickets. I can't get in. Have not been able to after the update. I am not the only one having this issue. Who else is having the same issue? Please post. Updated my graphics card...
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    a lot of disconnection while in dungeons

    Please compensate. Once I log back in. Ten minutes goes by and I lose my S rank, because of disconnection and my tickets are gone. please fix. either the time does not count, while you are disconnected.