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  1. Kenka

    Bugs und zeugs

    Hey also ich hätte da ein paar sachen anzumerken :D Vorschläge: 1. Gebt uns die möglichkeit Accountweite änderungen zu machen. ( Ui skalierung, Tastenbelegung usw. ) 2. Stats für jede Klasse erklären. ( Was genau bringen die jeweiligen stats dem Krieger und ist das anders für nen Mage, was...
  2. Kenka

    Launcher Bug

    Hey i don´t know if i´m the only one but everytime i start my launcher or klick on settings in the launcher it changes my region from Europe to North America and it seems like my launcher is somewhat "cut" ? As you can see the play button and latest news are cut and i don´t have a minimize or...
  3. Kenka

    Some ideas for the Game

    Just to be clear : I don´t say it should be like that but it would be cool. - Armour and Weapon for every Class should only role the Stats for the Class. ( Warrior Armour and Weapon shouldn´t Roll Int, Wei, Wis etc same for the others ) - Get more loot for your Class not for every other. (...