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  1. Lone

    Hong Kong IP gets blocked?

    I'm from NA region, so this doesn't affect me. But I still have an opinion on the matter. It's stupid. There was no warning at all from what it sounds like. It's extremely unfair to those players affected. These players buy the game, buy stuff from cash shop, some into the hundreds of dollars...
  2. Lone

    Newbie Question

    Not difficult, per say. Can be at times in the later ones. Need to learn how to juggle your astels. When you're in parties, most likely won't have astels on you, as many tanks don't use astels in party situations. Personally, I don't use them unless I'm solo. they keep dying. I'm weird, I tend...
  3. Lone

    Newbie Question

    Hi there. I am a main 50 tank. It does get slow to kill things later on in the levels, but we make up for it via Mob killing. Thanks for our defences, we are capable of taking more hits longer. Usually killing 3-5 mobs at once. As for bosses and other things, we're able to survive longer than...
  4. Lone


    Welcome to the game, Morpheus. New players are always welcome to the game. If you have any questions: feel free to message me here, or in game (Character main: Loner). Could ask in all chat as well, there's many people willing to help with questions. Hope you enjoy your time with our community.
  5. Lone

    Free Weekend Event #2

    *edited out* Currently out of keys for the 2week trial. Try the community run discord. they have a key sharing section. They go by quick, so keep an eye on it! good luck!
  6. Lone

    Music Video Contest - Submission

    Here is my submission for the Video contest.. Not great, but good enough~ Literally just chose a song, did a couple hours of recording, taking whatever clips I had usuable.. and then mashing them together... As well as taking a few cinematic scenes :p Then editing to polish this piece of junk ;P...
  7. Lone

    Astellia Music Video Contest [Winners Announced]

    Okay, thanks. So my video is fine then. Also; I had just made a mistake... sorry Kira... Dunno how I messed that up... guess lack of sleep really does more than I realize.. :P I meant Baal_Shem's video. That big 'filmora' thing is a watermark of sort. Generally comes with certain free to use...
  8. Lone

    Astellia Music Video Contest [Winners Announced]

    Curious @ any GM This contest... The video must not contain any text or other inappropriate images. ^ Does that mean no texts at all, or just text that are inappropriate? I'm leaning towards 'no text at all'. If so, does that mean TheKirarito and Preacher's videos are disqualified? If so...
  9. Lone

    Astellia Music Video Contest [Winners Announced]

    Oh hey, glad someone got content for their video from the dance party. My software was messing up, and I got nothing from the crowd ;P More proof that it happened though. I was sad I got cut out ;P but then I realized I was put in at the very end. You can see my feet for most of it though~ I...
  10. Lone

    (feedback) CBT2, lack of players, average gameplay, don't see it lasting

    Things can change. As they are now with the playerbase, it seems kinda quiet. With the questing area right now, it should come as no surprise to have no competition. With the level booster, people have no reason to quest unless they want story, or level the old fashion way. Once the game is...
  11. Lone

    CBT-2 Dance Party? Sunday August 4th - 3-4pm PDT

    Been busy the past few days, and I had just realized it's Sunday already... I am bumping this for anyone on the forums as an invitation. As expected, not really much interest in the forums. I had meant to draw support from the discord, but I had lost track of times with other things. My...
  12. Lone

    CBT-2 Dance Party? Sunday August 4th - 3-4pm PDT

    Hey everyone. I was curious to see if anyone was interested in having a little mini-event during the CBT-2 phase. I had the idea of trying to get as many players together as possible in an area within a town. With the video contests going on right now, it could be beneficial for those with...
  13. Lone

    Throwing my 2cents into this

    Thanks everyone! My guild in Aura Kingdom, was called Forgotten :o No memory on which server. I created it because I had not planned to stick around longer than a couple weeks, and would be forgotten by everyone soon after. But people started joining, and I decided to put effort into growing...
  14. Lone

    Throwing my 2cents into this

    Greetings, fellow members. I am Lone. I call myself Lone, because I am mainly an introvert, and call myself a Loner. Over time, people have just called me Lone. I am an extroverted introvert. Meaning, I can be a popular loner when I want to be. Known by many, but only close with my groups. As...