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    Quoa Observation Notes Guide

    Is this one bugged or something? Every time i get the second one the buff goes away
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    🎃 Spooktacular Event: Candy For the Candy King 🦇

    Does the candy with the buffs go away after the event or can we keep them until they are used?
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    I think there should at least be a daily or weekly to give the, right now a leg wax is stupid, no unbind item should cost more than 100k imo
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    You guys need to give more ways to get wax, dailies or weeklies, or sell at a shop or something but right now beeswax is stupid expensive compared to the selling price of an item, first of all beeswax is a *****ty idea and makes no sense to players, second making them so rare screws the people...
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    Death penalty

    Then I'm bugged or something, no sh*t every death I end up with the debuff at level 8, I can't even keep an astel out after just one death until I heal or wait 15 min. Who are some CMs or GMs I can get to look at this, if anyone knows please tag them on this. TY
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    Death penalty

    I know how to reset it but is it normal to get 8 levels of the debuff on only 1 death? Every time I die I get 8 levels of it, why even have so many levels just make level 1 do the same thing
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    Death penalty

    Why is it every time I die I get the debuff x 8 (VIII), shouldn't I only get one on the debuff or is this broken?
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    Star's Tale - Guide List

    Does anyone know where the Broken Metal Piece is for the Broken Cog Wheels loot item for Northern Lentuth
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    Atra crystals?

    Am I missing something with atra crystals, is there any other use for them other than upgrading stats? I have 100s of low level ones that seem to be useless since I wouldn't upgrade a stat with anything under heroic for the best % change. If there is nothing else to do with the low level ones...
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    HEY DEVS !!!!!!!

    I agree that bots need to go but what is this afk astel farm you speak of and how is that done??
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    Dailies and weeklies guide?

    Does anyone have a guide to where all the end game dailies and weeklies are picked up at?
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    Difficulty level?

    dungeons are easy right now but legendary dungeons are coming soon. daily's in hunting grounds are stupid time consuming though since you have to be in group unless you want to spend hours as a solo player, my biggest issue atm is the dailies and trying to solo them, it makes me want to close...
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    Kiyo Behind The Cave Guide

    right in this are above the cliffs by the little camp, near the ancient if you found him
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    Field boss locations

    Does anyone have a map of where all the bosses are?
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    Kiyo Behind The Cave Guide

    Where is the second one at I don't remember where I found piscis I found one behind the boss in ruthless but I can't interact with it nvm found it
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    Blue Quests

    Thanks didn't see that post
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    [DEVs PLS] Death penalty in dungeons

    Well in that case disregard this post, I didn't realize the debuff only did anything after so many deaths because when you hover over the buff it just says things are reduced with no real numbers much like a lot of other things in the game. Thanks for the info
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    [suggestion] Gathering food items

    The food items laying around the world should give a chance at getting like 1 - 5 of the item, gathering 1 lemon sucks especially when the item on the ground is a basket full of lemons lo, the current system is terrible and is verrrrrry slow trying to level cooking
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    Blue Quests

    Has anyone made a guide to these blue quests, I have a tone of these that I haven't finished yet due to them not giving any markers an dont really feel like wasting hours running around searching for these damn quests
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    [DEVs] matchmaking system

    Can you please make it where anytime you change instances or teleport to a new area that matchmaking stops, as a DPS que times are long and if I have to teleport to another area while waiting it stops matchmaking so I have to start it again at the back of the que