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  1. Seven7

    Please remove the 5 minute timer for reporting

    I'm sorry, I'm sure there are other threads that address this; however, I started a new one because this issue hits me LITERALLY every time I log in. I know some people just block and don't report; I'm not really on that bandwagon yet, I still want to report gold sellers. However; if there are...
  2. Seven7

    Doubt f2p or p2w

    I don't understand ... it may be a language barrier. Can you explain further? Is it that you are having download problems? Because there are some threads about that; however, hopefully people can help you here in your thread so that you can start having fun in Atellia!
  3. Seven7

    Missing Quest text

    Yes, I have noticed a LOT of missing quest text. It makes me sad, because I basically have grown uninterested in the story, since so much of it is cut off. I know their plate is full right now, but I REALLY hope at some point the team goes back and fixes all of the quests with missing text...
  4. Seven7

    Please increase size of Block List

    Chinese Prisoners Forced to Farm World of Warcraft Gold Here is a link to an old Forbes article (2011) regarding the Chinese government and gold farmers in WoW- it doesn't say definitively that stolen CC's are involved, but it is highly possible. I have seen the same information in other...
  5. Seven7

    This forum doesn't display images well

    As the title says - not a big deal - but I notice I have to hit F5 to load embedded images in posts. And even then they are randomly loaded. Would be nice to upgrade that. Of course, not a big deal, compared to upgraded game mechanics, but still, forum mechanics .... (y):love::devilish:
  6. Seven7

    New here, would anyone be so kind to share with me a 14-day key?

    Hey, I apologize, I see they sent out some 14-day free keys, my bad But for sure, join the Discord, that would probably be the best place to get real-time keys :)
  7. Seven7

    Still no gender unlock for ALL classes...

    I don't think it's been even a month yet from official launch? What were you expecting? It's going to take a while. They said they would give those who rolled those classes gender change tokens. Just take a deep breath ...
  8. Seven7

    Feel the Burn!

    Thank you!
  9. Seven7

    Astellia Player Support on vacation?

    Wait ... has this game even been out for 7 weeks? lol September 27 was official launch date
  10. Seven7

    New here, would anyone be so kind to share with me a 14-day key?

    I never got a key - but as I recall, they were 30-day subscription keys ... If you don't get one, you can try a 30-day sub for $9.99. Be advised, that price is just for 30 days to try the game, it does not renew unless you manually renew it. It also does not apply towards the base price of the...
  11. Seven7

    Please increase size of Block List

    This is a much more desired skillset - just sayin'
  12. Seven7

    Please increase size of Block List

    Well, I don't disagree with anything you said. I didn't mention a new cap, just that 100 is too small. It's not just about RMT, there are other reasons to block players (as you also mentioned). So my request stands, please raise the cap limit of the Block List - double it at the very least...
  13. Seven7

    Please increase size of Block List

    As the title says ... Currently, a cap of 100 is far too low. Thank you for considering my request!
  14. Seven7

    Star's Tale - Guide List

    Re "Lullaby for the Princess "- just wanted to give a head's up: Southern Lentuth / Maglev Adventure Journal / Lullaby for the Princess - the starting NPC for this questline did not appear for me until I was on the main storyline quest entitled "Oak Paladins". (Unfortunately I didn't catch the...
  15. Seven7

    Bots, Gold Spam, & Other 3rd Party Software

    Luckily it seems to populate the list chronologically (as opposed to alphabetically) so the ones at the top should be banned by now. If they aren't, well....that would be a problem! (assuming you have reported them) Edit: I'm not in-game atm but I thought the list was 200 total? 100 is too few...
  16. Seven7

    Guild Contribution Points

    I would be interested in clarification as well!
  17. Seven7

    Guild Contribution Points

    You do not have to be level 50. When I joined a guild contribution points started showing up for me at a low level (20's or lower). Are you running dungeons? I can't recall what activities resulted in points, but I'm sure that dungeons did.
  18. Seven7

    Avalon Early Opening Issue [Updated: 10/18]

    Thanks to you and the team for the quick actions being taken. (Believe me, compared to other games I've played, this is a great response time!)
  19. Seven7

    The Saintess's Souvenir guide.

    Just wanted to add that the last destination (as Licia Al Na'ir mentioned) is a flag in Coloss Plains - there is not an image included in this thread. You just continue on the road into Coloss Plains, and very soon after you enter the area the flag is on the right (past a little fir tree)...