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  1. Iyo

    Bug, Launcher resets to NA, workaround here

    This just for EU: Since the last patch, the Launcher resets region select from EU to NA, and even if you select EU, still starts the NA server. Just did 3 times in a row. If this isn't the case, just ignore this, maybe it's happening to just some of us. Those not reading the server select...
  2. Iyo

    Feature request: Fully Customizable UI

    Those of you who played other MMO games like FFXIV, SWTOR or even the now "ancient" Aion, and ever edited the UI elements there, know what a feeling it was when you could adapt the UI to how you wished to be: and that's the real solution. There is no other way to please everyone. Astellia...
  3. Iyo

    The Astellia Targeting System - How To

    Though it's still "Tab" target based, Astellia has a unique, more complex targeting system. While this can be a very useful system for those who learn how to set it up and use it properly, it's also a source of great frustration and annoyance until is figured out. I will share what I learned so...
  4. Iyo

    Beta Feedback, Problems & Suggestions

    I will move this to a proper thread if any GM/CM creates one, we should have all this in a single place, with no arguing inside, just short version of problems listed, suggestions on how to fix it or what needs added or solved. I will keep adding here if can't edit initial post. Please add yours...
  5. Iyo

    Nice New Interview on

    Read here: