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  1. ventra

    Item Probability List ?

    can anyone please let me know where the Item Probability List is? got an Armor Appearance Supply Box (which most of you already got it) it says to go to the official website to see a list of possible drop, but I have searched through that there is no Item Probability List.... anyone shed some...
  2. ventra

    A few suggestions (basically sums up the opinions so far)

    Hello everyone! I hope you are enjoying the gameplay as much as I do, although there are rooms for improvement:) Here are a few things players would like to see in the future updates: 1. More outfits ! I was playing warrior as my main character, the first thing I notice in game was... The...
  3. ventra

    do you HAVE to own a license for the launcher to download the game?

    currently don't have a game license, loaded up the launcher more than a couple of times since "official launch" no download progress whatsoever the play button is grey-out anyone had the issue before? do you need to purchase a license so that the launcher will somehow start to download the...