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  1. Xovian

    Communication, Patch Notes, and more... [Update | 10/25]

    Was still not changed back from the 50% nerf for some of them. At this point, it's basically a lie. This was an Oct patch, it's mid Feb 2020. Patientce only goes so far, and mine is out, and so am i.
  2. Xovian

    Astellia lacks a sense of accomplishment

    I find it amusing talking about the cap for astels, cause im just so far from the current that it isnt an issue for me. While i do agree i think its needless. Punishing the few who got lucky is a bad decision IMO. Do you think punishing lotto winners is right too, cause that's essentially what...
  3. Xovian

    EARLY game to-do list, things you'd wish you'd done!

    @Syncronis I've noted that now, along with current game changes, like the lower limit that Astel packs can now give.
  4. Xovian

    Guild Bank, when?

    @Melphyx The problem with this is that it caters to games having several large guilds (most of which the majority of players have NEVER seen each other, much less played together) to get advantages over other players and is often seen in P2W games for that very reason. Both games you mention...
  5. Xovian

    The Game Isn’t as Fun After the Latest Patches

    @ronoch You told me nothing. You've made baseless complaints and expected changes over night, which is not only unrealistic, but out right stupid to even think it would be something in the realm of possibility. Not to mention I believe you were among the "It's another Bless!" crowd. This game...
  6. Xovian

    The Game Isn’t as Fun After the Latest Patches

    So what about us that are UNLUCKY? I have two 5* Astel's one of which i got early as a 3 star (Virgo), whos been 5* a few weeks, whom i do use. The other i got this week from dungeon runs on Monday (Leo). Been playing since beginning of head start. Rest are 4 star and below. Ram, as i've mention...
  7. Xovian

    The Game Isn’t as Fun After the Latest Patches

    @Matastarna , I feel ya here, all of it. Maybe i was starting to feel it before the changes, and the change just made that feeling of progress "worse". I finished my weekly coliseum on Monday, got my usual 10 points for Ram, that i have been working on for a number of weeks, and decided i need...
  8. Xovian

    Please allow treasures to be sold / unbound

    Personally i'd be satisfied if they were account bound. But maybe that's just me.
  9. Xovian

    Cost of items in cash shop.

    I'd say the games pricing is pretty standard fair. I just wish you could turn off some of the various parts of the costumes, like the helmet can be. Don't know what the devs have with the need to throw "super collars" and "ultra butt flaps" on just about every single costume. The collars...
  10. Xovian

    Mouse Binding Issue

    It's not something a game company has to fix. They don't control your 3rd party software/mouse. Use the features/programs that came with the mouse, and fix it yourself. It's why any mouse that is non standard (EG: it has more than 2 buttons and a scroll wheel) comes with software.
  11. Xovian

    Spirited Summoner and Companion

    So you're saying it doesn't go down for you? Edit: Also redid the vid above, it starts 10 seconds into it, by forcing it back, it clears up (dont ask me why it works that way).
  12. Xovian

    Question about story/lore/dialogue? >.<

    It's important to note story wise, the "player" isn't actually recognized by others as an Astellian until you complete the quest at the Nadine Star Caller's Guild, only Rota recognizes the "Player" as Astellian from the start, the other Astels don't seem to recognize this until informed by Rota...
  13. Xovian

    Spirited Summoner and Companion

    Yes it is Companion2. Can't read it since Youtube doesnt seem to render the beginning of the video correctly. Didn't think to hover over it later when i was making it, as normally the quality is the same through out. Edit: Ran some tools against the video to clear up the beginning, the...
  14. Xovian

    Please make Zender account, not character, specific

    Often wondered why Zender isn't account bound. It actually deters the creation of Alt's by being that way, which is typically not desired. I don't think any player would be against this, even with all slots used, it would still be a slow accumulation, and since items from the Zender shop are...
  15. Xovian

    Spirited Summoner and Companion

    Not quite. It goes down, albeit very slowly, but it does slowly drain.
  16. Xovian

    Communication, Patch Notes, and more... [Update | 10/25]

    You know i gotta ask, was this the real plan? /trollface Sorry, you know i had to. I give my thanks for listening to the players in this regard anyways. My sincere thanks. I am glad it is being lessened, however, the one burning question that has been asked by me, and others: Are Karza...
  17. Xovian

    Feel the Burn!

    Does not stack with Norden's Favor apparently. Just thought i'd let ya know in case of bug or not.
  18. Xovian

    Free Weekend Event!

    Or, they are trying to prove just HOW BAD the bots would be if the game were F2P. >.> >.< <.<
  19. Xovian

    Legendary Crafter/Gatherer Achievements COMPLETE!

    Congrats! You have the patience of a Saint to do all that. I couldn't even max one gathering skill. It fell too far behind while leveling and i didnt go back to get it where i could move forward with it :( Is good to see, insane or not, someone trying to make the most of the crafting portion of...
  20. Xovian

    Is there a good place to farm satin or silk fiber?

    Just cause my info was wrong before. (OP already knows this) I was thinking it was the dungeons, but it was the Rag Rock hunting grounds where i was doing my weekly for where i got the satin. Blue orcs, maybe others drop too, but they do fairly consistently and are easier then the other types...