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  1. Thelastdragoon

    So much RNG and less Astel progressing

    While I do agree with most of the points here, I'd like to point out that the Astel packs are directly in-game. In KR, the only way to level your astels outside of the cash shop (and I could be incorrect on this), is to spam dungeons for 10 points at a time for your Astel. In addition to the...
  2. Thelastdragoon

    Kalics flame horn legendary

    Legendary treasures have higher chances at dropping in Legendary Dungeons. Although Arau Cave is not out for Legendaries yet. Party dungeon treasure rate is still really low and doesn't surprise me at all that you haven't found it yet.
  3. Thelastdragoon

    New Crusader skill broken?

    Translation error. It restores HP, not MP.
  4. Thelastdragoon

    Warrior stats (physical acciuracy)

    I'm not sure, but the KR spreadsheets shows this also. My idea and thought process behind it, is that the stuff you see on your gear is for PvE and the "Final" stats are actually PvP shifted. I don't know if this is true, since I have ZERO EVIDENCE to back this up. :(
  5. Thelastdragoon

    Legendary Dungeons Stage 1 [Consolidated Feedback] [Updated 10/21]

    I think the major issue outside of the difficulty is the loot tables. The dungeon drop rate shows all purple (Heroic) gear, but drops white (common), uncommon (green) and rare (blue) gear. I think that is a bug. In my opinion, these items should be dropped from that loot table completely...
  6. Thelastdragoon

    Warrior need serious fix

    Assassin also dies if they can't one burst their target in PvP. We are a tank class. Here are some tips: Reaction timing is key. If you are in the middle of a combo and they suddenly disappear, train your muscle memory to dodge roll forward or to the side. This causes their next ability to miss...
  7. Thelastdragoon

    [GUIDE] Introduction to Warrior, Basics.

    Reserved spot 2.
  8. Thelastdragoon

    [GUIDE] Introduction to Warrior, Basics.

    Hello! I'm LastDragoon and play on the NA servers. I'll be releasing a basic gameplay guide (video and transcript) for new players and might continue a video series if enough people are interested or need additional information. Introduction to Warrior video Key words: TENACITY (SELF-BUFF...
  9. Thelastdragoon

    Launcher Issues and Resolves

    Unfortunately, we are not customer support to answer that question. Send a support ticket if you were not able to resolve it by now.
  10. Thelastdragoon

    Launcher Issues and Resolves

    Are you still having this error? It has drastically decreased since a patch on Legendary Pack launch day. Send a ticket to support about it qith dxdiag, screenshot and logs.
  11. Thelastdragoon


    Clear room on your hard drive or contact Astellia support. I thought this was fixed with a Day 1 patch.
  12. Thelastdragoon

    Ring of Exploration / Legendary Founder

    Its a treasure that can be found in-game. Its only for convenience and gets replaced with other treasures anyways.
  13. Thelastdragoon

    unable to stream...

    I stream with a i7 9700k and RTX 2070. After playing around with stream settings specific to Astellia Online, I've found that streaming in 1080p60fps is extremely taxing on my computer. The NENVC gets close to 100% and the encoder fails or the CPU temp on x264 runs really warm after several...
  14. Thelastdragoon

    Launcher Issues and Resolves

    I updated the background image one on this thread, with the answer from Astellia support team.
  15. Thelastdragoon

    Name reservation questions

    I can tell you that during CBT2, reserving my name on one NA server, registered across both NA servers. I had to make a different name for my Warrior on the second server for PvP purposes. Sorry if I misunderstood your question.
  16. Thelastdragoon

    Name reservation questions

    No. I logged into EU and NA and was able to reserve the same name.
  17. Thelastdragoon

    The Road To Launch!

    Manpower, double shifts, final checkout for bugs on their work stations before sending it out to the thousands of other configured computers that we call "Gamers". You know.. I would recommend to them pushing it up from 5pm to at least 1PM PDT. Any bugs that you run into, will be caught quicker...
  18. Thelastdragoon

    Installed 3 times and still no love

    Yeah, based on what you're saying - it definitely sounds like the extra space bug. I like to keep my other games on a separate SSD from my main game ;) and everything else on a hard drive. Let us know if you find the resolve @yux1000
  19. Thelastdragoon

    launch time?

    Official announcement with additional information, coming on 09/18/2019. Legendary Pack - Start Date: 9/20 @ 5:00pm PDT (2:00 CEST) Platinum Pack - Start Date: 9/23 @ 5:00pm PDT (2:00 CEST) Gold Pack - Start Date: 9/26 @ 5:00pm PDT (2:00 CEST) Official Launch Start - Start Date: 9/27 @...
  20. Thelastdragoon

    Launcher Issues and Resolves

    @Internaut Did you find a solution to this issue? Join the Discord and feel free to DM me for additional help.