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    So now that the game is officially P2W

    Can we make it F2P to attract new players please? Thanks...
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    Need More AFK Content

    For Astellia to truly take the next step to become Afkellia, it needs a lot more AFK content. Right now we only have: AFK Avalon AFK Hunting Grounds AFK Colosseum AFK Tulie AFK Crafting AFK World Bosses AFK Dailies AFK Miodan I might be missing some, but that's all I can think of for now...
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    When will we get new item slots?

    Such as helmet, gauntlet, belt, pauldron etc? Was this ever in the Korean version? Seems a bit limited to have just weapon + armor and some accessories.
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    Reduce Fradoten Entry to 3 Tickets

    Fradoten currently costs way too many tickets (6) for what is essentially just a place for gathering materials. You hardly get any items or Asper there, so there's no reason to go there at all once you've completed your class accessory (which isn't even an upgrade in the first place). Right...
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    /showdamage command

    Anyone know what this does? I think it was added at the same time as /fps and /ping I was hoping it was some sort of combat log so we could have damage meters eventually, but it doesn't seem to do anything.
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    Seriously do something about Atra Crystals

    So sick and tired of getting 2.9% on Legendary Crystals. I usually get worse results with them than with Uncommon ones! Who's bright idea was it to design it that way? On NA they are going for 2m each and Heroic are going for 500k. I just blew about 50m worth of crystals and I'm back to...
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    Can we have a second Gathering Skill please?

    There are no crafting mats on the market at all, and that's because we are only allowed one gathering skill per character. I'm not going to make an alt, level him to 50 and then level a new gathering skill to 50. Just give us a second gathering skill on each character, thank you!
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    Please change Hawkeye Weapon to Critical Attack

    With the recent update, Hawkeye advanced class stats was changed from Physical Accuracy and Physical Crit Rate to Physical Crit Attack and Physical Crit Rate In order to be consistent with this change, and to further specialize Hawkeye as a Crit monster, our weapon should also be changed from...
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    Can we have something done about Heroic Beeswax prices?

    Heroic Beeswax currently ranging between 200k-400k on NA Which of course, costs more than any heroic item ever will (except some runes) The reason this happened is because of the increase in drop rate of heroics from the previous patch. Although more heroic items are dropping, the rarity of...
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    Please stop nerfing drop rates

    Three items on final boss and 29k Asper with ticket and level 2 Seeker buff. Really? This isn't the only time either. I've had just three green drops before, but forgot to take screenshot. Do the devs really think these rewards justify the amount of tickets spent?
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    So sick of getting wrong stats on gear

    We've all been through it. Running our favorite dungeons (lol) hundreds of times over to finally get a legendary drop of the item we want. And then... This wouldn't be an issue if legendary items have a high drop rate, but because there's such a low chance of them dropping, it's so much...
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    Does Seeker Deck Effect Even Work?

    After months of grinding I finally got Seeker to level two and I haven't noticed any discernible difference with loot or Asper at all. Of course, I didn't notice any difference with level one either, but even with level two it's still pretty much the same. How does someoene even get to level 3...
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    Please do something about Beeswax prices

    Right now on NA, Beeswax (legendary) prices are around $600k each. There's about 50 pages of legendary items on the AH and around half of those are listed at $600k or less. Think about that for a moment. HALF the legendary items on the AH are sold at a loss due to Beeswax prices. Please do...
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    Daily Dungeon Boss Buff

    What's this new buff? I don't remember seeing it before today.
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    Major bug in Fradoten (Aggro entire zone)

    Sometimes the entire zone gets aggro'd when attacking a boss. Even after rezzing, and attempting it again, the same thing happens. This has happened to me a few times already, costing me heaps of tickets. Also when I rezzed to healer I could not re-enter the dungeon. Says "You do not have...
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    Please Add More Solo Dungeons

    Currently there are only 3 solo dungeons compared to 11 party dungeons. Obviously I understand being an MMO there should be more party content compared to solo, but 11 to 3 is a massive difference. Please add a few more solo dungeons in the next update, thank you!
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    Damage Meters

    Please give us damage meters to keep us entertained in dungeons.
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    Please Add More Channels to Hunting Grounds

    With the new influx of players from Steam and Korea, HG dailies have become a pain in the a$$ to do. The Flower blooming quest in Greleaf in particular can take ages to do with so many people in the area all after the same thing. Since HGs aren't a PvP area, there is ZERO reason for it to be...
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    Please Increase Dungeon Ticket Cap and Recharge Time

    Currently 24 tickets is only enough to do three dungeons a day. That is far too limited for an MMORPG where people like that run dungeons numerous times. Please consider raising the cap and increase the rate at which they recharge, thank you.