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    Arabic Please

    Arabic? This game is barely even in English!
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    So now that the game is officially P2W

    What all of you guys are totally missing is that the new subscription changes are a PRECURSOR to P2W. This is the natural progression of games going from B2P to F2P to P2W. They are testing the waters. If there's enough interest they WILL make the game full on P2W. Re-visit this thread in 6...
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    So now that the game is officially P2W

    Can we make it F2P to attract new players please? Thanks...
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    Endgame content

    Star Callers + Holy Orders and get rid of Shining Merchants + Ancient Fragments
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    [6/30] Scheduled Maintenance & Patch Notes (edited 6/30)

    Just confirming here that Rich deck effect works on bosses, and the 40% increase for level 2 is correct. So if you wanna be swimming in Asper, go with Seeker + Rich decks in dungeons 👍
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    Balance or Imbalance

    For harder bosses such as the first boss in Library then of course you don't activate Sniper, but for many of the bosses there are always windows of opportunities to use Sniper. Knowing when, and when not to use Sniper is a skill in itself. If you ever get caught out in Sniper mode and need to...
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    Balance or Imbalance

    Going tanky might be good for PvP but without DEX you will hit like a girl 😂
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    Balance or Imbalance

    And this is the very reason why Archers prioritize AGI over DEX. Crits in this game are way too big compared to normal hits so we always want more Crit. Acc. Furthermore, Crit. Attk. is much easier to increase (Crowns and runes) than Crit. Rate. There is of course a breakpoint where you would...
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    Balance or Imbalance

    If it's just for PvE then I don't understand why you would need defensive stats at all, since if we're partying then we have tank+healer and if we solo we have Astels to do those jobs for us, which gives us the ability to do a full glass-cannon build for PvE. For Hawkeye we already have 1k...
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    Suggestion: Party Ready Confirmation

    They have a ready-check in FFXIV and it works quite well, but tbh if you're in a party then you should be ready and prepared for battle unless you let the party know you're afk.
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    Balance or Imbalance

    Yeah I'm not even sure 1.5k Crit Acc. is possible to be honest, even with perfect gear. Might need to ask Panda to post a screenshot to show us she's legit 😉 The only reason we can even reach 1.5k Crit Attk is because of the two Crowns, so I'm not sure how she can reach 1.5k Crit Acc. without...
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    Balance or Imbalance

    Physical Accuracy decreases your chances of missing normal attacks. Critical Accuracy decreases your chances of missing Critical attacks. Since we always want to Crit, we want to pump Crit Acc. up as much as possible, and not worry about Phys Acc. since it's a secondary stat for us. Not sure...
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    Forced Solo instances?

    Your dad would be raging at the T3 solo dungeons we have now, but luckily they aren't forced. Group dungeons are ridiculously easy, and only takes one or two runs to get the hang of, unlike FFXIV where you need to watch study video guides to even have a chance.
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    Astellia Free!

    The game is more or less dead already. 700 players across NA & EU isn't much of a player base. Too many people incorrectly mistaken F2P = P2W but that isn't the case at all. Take LoL as an example of F2P done right.
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    Might be a good time to hoard Asper too, as T3 items could go for as much 200m
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    [7/28] Update Preview (Pisces ver.)

    No changes to Solo T1? Right now the difficulty is on par with T3 dungeons...
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    Thanks for the reminder. I've been selling items to vendor lately cuz I've got plenty of stones in stock, but will start to hoard some more just in case 😀
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    This is exactly what we're doing every dungeon in Astellia. Ok except for some Asper and card packs.
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    @devs: The Quest for Stelite

    Wait...what? Are you talking about Bobokis' Awl? If I'm not mistaken the stats for the legendary is: Physical Accuracy 70 Physical Status Accuracy 60 Physical Status Duration 30 That helps for PvP but not much use for PvE. I don't know how that equates to 400 AGI though.
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    Plague/Curse Enhancement for 'Ring of Exploration'

    Perhaps not for the majority of dungeons, but a scaled down version of Ascender's Throne would be nice, where we could AFK farm it all day long. It would need to cost zero tickets and rewards should be adjusted accordingly.