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    [Event] Home, Sweet Home! (4/28~5/26)

    Duration, April 28th to March 26th, 2020? So we're going back in time? Damn, when did you guys figure out a time machine that makes us all go back in time?
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    Arena Banner placement

    Real winner who put the placement where it's at in the game, it blocks the dungeon timer, and can't be moved... Who pulls the trigger on adding to the screen w/o viewing it first? Measure twice, cut once...
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    Crusader PVP is garbage

    You have T2 gear, and think you can fight someone with equivalent. Nope, you're swinging a wet noodle at people missing almost 90%-100% of the time... You bring out treasures that makes it now impossible to CC someone, and some folks just keep getting it every week. I see no point in Avalon...
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    Major bug in Fradoten (Aggro entire zone)

    You have to clear some of the mobs around the boss, or be prepared for some to be aggro'd when you initially touch the boss. This doesn't always happen, there will be times you kill nothing, touch boss, and no adds. It's just safe to assume that they will pop, so be ready and allow for tank...
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    Scheduled Maintenance [1/30 | Complete]

    Seriously though, the pvp area is the one place in the game you have to keep your head on a swivel. I've gone into Avalon solo enough and had people just wipe the floor with me, as well as someone who thought they would and I pk'd them. Guess what, every time even when I was pk'd I could feel...
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    Scheduled Maintenance [1/30 | Complete]

    The only place in the game that there's pvp, you mess it up... WTF, get a clue. The whole rest of the game is pve, with Avalon being the only place for pvp and you put in an on/off switch. I say this last part as a form of constructive criticism of this next patch: When that stupid train just...
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    Here Comes Braga Claus! [Updated | 1/6]

    Decorate a Christmas tree that I have yet to find in the event zone or Meiville either, and I haven't explored all of Astellia since event launch . Collect bells for Santa Braga's, but doesn't say how many for the quest. Some things are vague.
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    Masterthread for your Feedback [Headstart/Launch]
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    Asper sellers getting smart.

    Received this mail today from a asper seller.
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    Star's Tale - Guide List

    98.3% complete Ragferant, can't get Trackers drop due to being too high level for item to drop and can't trade it or put in account storage :(
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    Make this game F2P or this will close like Bless Online

    I say no to F2P, I started playing AION right after it turned F2P and it was fun for about a year before it became a pain in the rear with all the bots and trolls.
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    After CBT1 how many of you would play if the game is released tomorrow as it is ?

    I would. Yes, there are improvements needed. I've played games that have needed improvements plenty of times already, so that's not an issue.